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Friday, October 16, 2015

Do We Want Success Charters To Abuse 4 Year-olds Too? Eva Outrage Continues - Wants Public Pre-K Money But No Oversight

Eva doesn't want oversight because of what people will see.

Leonie Haimson Comments:
Success charters won't sign contracts to allow city to oversee its preK program yet presumably wants to continue to receive city funds for that purpose.

The city doesn't have to grant them these funds but according to this article wants as many charters as possible to have preK.

Question I have is given Success charters Abusive treatment of Kindergarten students as well documented in the recent PBS segment why should the city want them to have preK?

Leonie questions why the city even wants to have Success run a pre-k program where they can suspend kids they don't want so the parents pull them out of the school and allow them to cream even further.

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