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Monday, October 19, 2015

UFT Send District Reps to School to Discuss Friedrich - A School Where UFT Protected Awful Principal

This came in from a teacher at a school where there was a horrible principal for years who was protected not only by the DOE but by the UFT. Good luck in getting them to pay dues.
Just found out DR coming next week to my school to discuss Friedrich case.

I guess UFT reps worried about THEIR jobs.


And how about that principal in the Bronx who made the teachers throw out their desks?

DOE Recycles Failed Principals

Every report coming in from parents and teachers is that principal Donna Connelly is an all time loser - the kind of
case that should have been blaring from the UFT - did the district rep ever go to the schools this recycled lemon has been sent to time and again? I would bet that she has some connections to someone in the DOE and the UFT. Or the UFT doesn't want to step on certain principals due to its cozy relationship to the CSA.

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