Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Nix Neera: Left Calls to Dump Tanden - 'You Called Bernie Everything But An Ignorant Slut'

UPDATE: March 2, 2021

Biden admin will go to the mat for Neera but not for minimum wage as payback to the Clinton corp machine. Do the Clinton's' have dirty pictures?

People on the left love to beat up on Biden appointee budget czar Neera Tanden, one of the most despised Hillary acolytes and former tweet queen. A noted Bernie hater, the irony is he is chairing the committee that has to approve her. Here two left commentators call for her to be rejected. And Krystal Ball and Nomiki Konst are not always lined up in the same place on the left. A Republican senator hounds her and reminds Bernie of some of the things Neera called him. Krystal does deep into her corporate shill history and Nomiki recalls Tanden personal attacks on her. I know my old fans would rather me talk about Mulgrew and the Del Ass but James is handing all that. [LIVE BLOGGING FROM REMOTE FEBRUARY DELEGATE ASSEMBLY].

The only thing I can say about the UFT is that they and the AFT are lined up with the Tanden wing of the Dem Party and she exhibits all the bad things about the party that brought us Trump.

Krystal Ball: NO ONE Should Vote For Neera Tanden, Hillary's Corrupt Hatchet Woman

Nomiki Konst: Republican To Neera Tanden: 'You Called Bernie

  Everything But An Ignorant Slut'