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Clyburn/Big Pharma and Corporate Dems join Our union in Proxy War On Medicare For All - The Daily Poster

Let's refer to our UFT/AFT leadership as corporate Dems and question whether Big Pharma money has infiltrated the unions as an explanation for their opposition to

public healthcare management and support for the privatize for profit industry.

In mid-June, Democratic congressional candidate Nina Turner launched a television ad campaign promoting her support for Medicare for All. Less than two weeks later, the pharmaceutical industry’s lobbyists and its bankrolled lawmakers on Capitol Hill are trying to block her election to Congress through an opponent who has been publicly vilifying Medicare for All amid the pandemic....  
The Daily Poster- Dems Launch Proxy War On Medicare For All.... Click here to become a paid subscriber

Wednesday, June 30, 8:30 AM - by Norm Scott

Good morning Medicare for all supporters and friends --- 

I'm taking the 10:15 Rockaway ferry to join and film the big (I hope) rally, march (or slow walk) up Broadway to City Hall.

Let's keep in mind that the UFT/AFT/NYSUT leaderships are wholly owned subsidiaries of the corporate Democrats. Even most of the squad don't use that term enough but Jamaal Bowman used it on CNN recently. And AOC has flirted with it re: Joe Manchin. It's time to use corp dems for Randi, Mulgrew and the rest of the Unity slug machine. What a contrast between Jamaal and Clyburn.

Many on the left have been triggered by the attempts to gang up on Bernie pal Nina Turner who is running in the August primary for Congress in Cleveland and scares the hell out of corp dems --- I maintain they prefer Marjorie Taylor-Greene. The day Hillary endorsed Nina's opponent, she raised the most money. Let's see what happens now as big Pharm pours it in. I think corp Dems and industry pals have decided to swat the left wing knats.

See Nina go at them:

As a follow-up to yesterday's post --Are Municipal Unions Selling Out Retirees? Hell YES - Sirota has a follow-up upon the news that James Clyburn, who gets away with a lot because of his race, has joined other corp dems like Hillary Clinton to go after Bernie fave Nina Turner in her race to join The Squad. 

I contributed to Nina's campaign - join me: Can you make a $5 contribution to our campaign before our end of month deadline comes to a close? As long as we stick together, we’ll hit our goal and be ready for anything that comes our way before Election Day.

Sirota/Rock article 

Clyburn has vacuumed in more than $1 million from donors in the pharmaceutical industry — and he previously made headlines vilifying Medicare for All during the 2020 presidential primary.


Dems Launch Proxy War On Medicare For All

Dems bankrolled by Big Pharma are suddenly targeting Nina Turner right after she aired an ad touting Medicare for All.


Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Are Municipal Unions Selling Out Retirees? Hell YES -

After killing a single-payer bill, the city’s public-sector labor leaders are trying to force a quarter million people from Medicare into pricier for-profit insurance plans. ... cost savings from Medicare

Advantage come from both higher copayments, essentially shifting costs from the government to individuals, as well as the fact that people receive less care either due to high claim denials or because they don’t seek out the care in the first place because fewer providers accept Medicare Advantage.  Daily Poster -

Are New York’s Unions Selling Out Retirees?

Tuesday, June 29, 2021 8:30 AM - Good Morning - Norm Scott

In the beginning, as the firmament coalesced into the formation of municipal unions, the city gave unions control over their health plans, with a bureaucracy and a patronnage system. Thus, the UFT Health and Welfare fund, which is not paid by union dues but by the city, thus giving union leaders a windfall of sort to play around with. The calls for moving the entire process under public management threatens both the insurance companies adn their clients, the union leaderships. When Mayor Wagner gave the sign that public worker unions were kosher c. 1960, he was not being dumb. He tied the unions deeply to the city as co-managers.

So, Yes, the unions made sure to kill the NYS single payer bill and despite claiming to support a national medicare for all plan, our own union lines up with the Dem Party right wing in supporting the privatized health care industry.

Mulgrew whines about health care costs and how we have to reduce them - savings he calls them -- as Jonathan Halabi pointed out on Sunday night's webinar -- the savings come from us. Certainly not reducing or eliminating profits -- they are in business to make money.

If Mulgrew wants savings, he should check the costs in Europe which are half ours. And those countries have various forms of universal healthcare. In essence, by opposing public options, Mulgrew and other union leaders are fighting to keep health care prices higher.

Here is a great piece by Julia Rock at David Sirota's The Daily Poster -- I urge you to sign up - only $50 a year:

Read on:

A January 2021 study by The New School found that the city could save about $1.6 billion per year if it adopted a self-insurance program, as most major cities and large companies have done. That would involve setting up a health insurance plan just for the city’s employees and paying for claims directly, rather than paying premiums to a health insurance company which tends to be more expensive because insurance company profit margins are so large.

But since the negotiations between the MLC and Office of Labor Relations were held behind closed doors, retirees don’t know whether this option was ever considered.

UFT retirees will note that our chapter leaders have never told us about this option. Now here comes a fun fact:

Retirees pointed to MLC personnel with ties to the health insurance companies that could end up providing the new Medicare Advantage plans as potential conflicts of interest. Gregory Floyd, President of the Teamsters Local 237 and Secretary of the MLC, is on the board of EmblemHealth.

Holy shit! The Secretary of the MLC is on the board of Emblem Health. I've always been suspicious of the unions' slavish devotion to private insurance. Do we think the insurance companies don't lobby our union leaders? The explanation offered for why unions want to stick with privatized plans:

“For a lot of these MLC unions, the one tangible thing that they provide, in addition to wages, are health care benefits, and particularly the benefits that come out of their welfare funds,” said one New York City union representative, speaking on the condition of anonymity. “They want health care benefits associated with union leadership.”

The reasons go deeper than this. In the beginning, the city gave unions control over their health plans, with a bureaucracy and a patronage system. Thus, the UFT Health and Welfare fund, which is not paid by union dues but by the city, thus giving union leaders a windfall of sort to play around with. The calls for moving the entire process under public management threatens both the insurance companies adn their clients, the union leaderships.

The Daily Poster:

Are New York’s Unions Selling Out Retirees?

Reminder - Wedneday Noon rally plus Compare and contrast DC37 and UFT reiree chapter, which is a Propaganda Mill for UFT

What your UFT retiree chapter won't tell you:
Whether the
City or the MLC calls it a Medicare Advantage Program or some other name, it is really a FOR PROFIT PROGRAM for the health provider vendor. The vendor is in it to simply make money and this is not some pie-in-the-sky humanitarian effort on their part. So how would they make a profit? Simply stated, they lower their costs.... DC37 Retiree Association

Just a reminder, whether a retiree or working UFT member, join us at noon tomorrow at the steps of the Museum of the American Indian ---- and a word to in-service people - cuts to your health care will follow these cuts.

Check out this DC 37 retiree bulletin and compare it to what you get from the UFT retiree chapter.

 For news, benefit updates, and information on how to reach us, please visit:

We are sure members want to hear and discuss the possible health coverage changes under consideration by the Municipal Labor Committee (MLC). Traditional Medicare part B is efficient in handling medicare coverage and has an administrative cost much lower than private insurance companies. Although MLC leaders say that the changes will not mean reduced benefits, we are concerned that the projected savings will ultimately mean reduced health options. 

Historically, Medicare C plans work well for people who do not have serious or involved health problems. Those of us who face health challenges, we fear, won’t fare as well. Indeed, we see this process as a slippery slope that may affect the health care coverage for all actives and retirees in the future. 

Whether the City or the MLC calls it a Medicare Advantage Program or some other name, it is really a FOR PROFIT PROGRAM for the health provider vendor. The vendor is in it to simply make money and this is not some pie-in-the-sky humanitarian effort on their part. So how would they make a profit? Simply stated, they lower their costs. The health care provider is given X number of dollars per member per year and if they do not spend those X dollars on you, the remaining amount is their PROFIT. 

 What we can deduce from this simple equation? They will restrict, sooner or later, your ability to choose your own doctors, therapists, and treatment programs in order to “reign in your medical costs”. If you don’t believe my analysis is accurate, I have a bridge in lower Manhattan that I would like to sell you at a very special price! We do not have complete details of the possible changes, nor have we been part of the discussions. We have been told that all Medicare-eligible retirees, current and future, will be affected by the these changes and that copays will be instituted.  


Many retirees have called my office and asked why the Retirees Association doesn’t sue theCity and the MLC over this issue. The question is not whether you can sue; the question is can you WIN and the short answer is “NO.” An example may make this easier to understand. Several years ago, the Health+Hospital Corp. (HHC) laid off senior employees in order to reduce their budget and save money. A City employees association sued HHC for age discrimination on behalf of the unemployed managers. The court ruled that the association had no standing since it did not have the collective bargaining certificate for these former employees and therefore, the court would not address the age discrimination part of the lawsuit. This position was upheld in the appeals court. So what did they accomplish? They paid $25,000 to a lawyer who then probably had the funds to install an in-ground pool in his/her backyard. Do you see where I am going with this? 

Your Association, in conjunction with the Committee of Municipal Retiree Organizations (COMRO), is trying to mobilize all City retirees to request a moratorium on this change until it can be adequately discussed and addressed by retirees from all of the represented unions. We requested a seat on the MLC, but our request was rejected by the MLC via an official letter from the law firm that represents the MLC. 

Please sign the petition on our website at

Here is more info that is useful - like are your pensions guaranteed forever? 

MYTHS, MYTHS AND MORE MYTHSMYTH #1. Your union dues pays for your health and security benefits that you receive from the union. This is simply not true. The benefits that the union provides to active and retired members (dental, optical, legal, education, prescription drugs, etc.) are funded from money that the City provides based on collective bargaining agreements. 

MYTH #2: Your pension is guaranteed by the NYS Constitution and that is irrevocable. While your pension is guaranteed by the NYS Constitution, if a municipality and/or the state declares bankruptcy, federal bankruptcy laws trumps the state’s constitution.  

MYTH #3: Our health and welfare benefits are guaranteed. Health and welfare benefits are a subject of negotiations between the MLC and the City. These benefits are not guaranteed either by the City or by the State. 

Monday, June 28, 2021

MEDIA ADVISORY: Rally and Tour to save Medicare for NYC Municipal Workers

MEDIA ADVISORY: Rally and Tour to save Medicare for NYC Municipal Workers

Press Contact: Bennett Fischer

What: NYC municipal union retirees will gather in lower Manhattan to save their current Medicare Health Care Plan and let the Municipal Labor Committee (MLC) know that switching 250,000 municipal retirees to a for-profit Medicare Advantage Plan is not acceptable!

When: Wednesday June 30, 2021

Time: 12:00 Noon

Who: We are retirees from NYC's Municipal labor unions. Together with our families, in-service union colleagues and other supporters, we are calling on the MLC and City to let us remain in our current Medicare Health Plan without diminishment of benefits. We reject attempts to move us to a privatized plan.

Where: The event begins at 12 noon on the steps of National Museum of the American Indian (next to the Whitehall St/South Ferry train stop). After a brief introduction, we’ll take a "tour” past the offices of the UFT, PSC, OLR, (nearby) DC37 and end up at City Hall at 1:00 pm. There will be short statements at each location from various union members.

Screen Shot 2021-06-27 at 9.45.35 PM.png

  • A moratorium on any change to the City's existing Medicare plan.

  • Transparency on all negotiations with decision-making from all members.

  • Right to remain in our current Medicare Health Plan without raised costs or

  • diminishment of benefits.

We condemn MLC's willingness to move away from public to privately managed Medicare.

  • Stop the sell!

  • Save traditional Medicare for NYC retirees!

For further information:


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June 27, 2021 - DEMOCRACY NOW! - Democratizing Our School Communities & Union - Educators of NYC


Get ready for our online community event later today.

DEMOCRACY NOW! - Democratizing Our School Communities & UnionI’ve signed up to attend a community meeting with The Educators of NYC on Sunday, Jun 27, 2021. Are you free to join me? Use this link to sign up:


Tomorrow, Sunday, 6/27, 2021, at 7 PM, Educators of NYC will ask if more can be done to DEMOCRATIZE NYC public school governance and, even, structures within our cherished educator union.

We hope to have a panel represented by some of our union’s caucuses and leaders, and audience interactions about the topic.

We will also share a special segment about Wednesday’s rally to fight the privatization of city worker’s healthcare, on June 30th at 12 PM. See the details regarding the rally here.

RSVP now.



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Norms Morn: Sat, June 26 - Retiree Rally June 30 - come on down, Randi on Scotus - takes both sides, DSA mixed results in city, WTF- Rhode Island Dems charterize - With AFT Support?, Class size video


Multi-municipal union retirees to rally and walk - not run- to visit union HQ - joined by some young working teachers to hold us up and pick us up.

Join us in June 30 at 12 noon at the plaza in front of the Indian Museum across from Battery Park for a rolling rally where we will make some strategic stops - maybe even visit 52 Broadway. 


June 26 - Good morning and happy first day of vacation - 

Bipartisanship sucks - Infrastrucure is a gift to corporate Dems and Rep

 The Left and POC -

When we were in MORE and people would lament the lack of people of color we would say they are in Unity if you want to find them. So then the response to that was that those people were bought off -- the left can't understand that there may be more than bribery involved. Many black people especially reject the left -- but these are the older crowd and polls show younger blacks leaned to Wiley over Adams.

For those of us who lived through years of white progressives in MORE Caucus rending their garments over the failure to attract people of color, this one's for you:

A yearslong challenge for the left was starkly illustrated this week as its hopes faded in the New York mayor’s race. .. Adams' appeal adds evidence to an emerging trend in Democratic politics: a disconnect between progressive activists and the rank-and-file Black and Latino voters who they say have the most to gain from their agenda. As liberal activists orient their policies to combat white supremacy and call for racial justice, progressives are finding that many voters of color seem to think about the issues quite a bit differently.

There were some gains for the socialist left (vs the liberal left). The new mayor of Buffalo is a DSA and DSA was in contention in City Council races where they put their energy. Yesterday I posted Erik Mears' piece on the left and DSA. Erik is a leftist but also a West Point grad who served in Iraq. Mayhe he was the one Gen Wiley was talking about as he schoold Matt Goetz.  If you missed it:

DSA - as a member I often cheer and cringe at the same time -- but here's a mixed story

Gotham: Some Gains For DSA

The Democratic Socialists of America made modest gains in electing their endorsed candidates to the Council. Of the six candidates they backed, two are leading in their respective races. They include Tiffany Caban for the 22nd Council District in Queens (she is also claiming victory), and Alexa Aviles for the 38th Council District in Brooklyn.

Read More: How Far Left Will These Two Centrist City Council Seats Go?

The rest—including Adolfo Abreu for the 14th Council District in the Bronx, Jaslin Kaur in the 23rd Council District in Queens, Michael Hollingsworth in Brooklyn's 35th Council District, and Brandon West in the 39th Council District, also in Brooklyn—trail so far. With only two members of the DSA making some inroads, their influence doesn't appear to completely shift the Council's political ground to the left. 

From DSA Queens update:

Electoral Working Group 

The EWG just wants to say THANK YOU to everyone for an amazing election season! Whether you did a shift a week or talked to your friends about our candidates, this was a group effort and we are so proud of Queens DSA. It seems we won't have a final result until July, so stay tuned for that news!


However, the results as of now:

In Jaslin’s race, 91.92% of in-person votes have been recorded (including early and Election Day voting, but not absentee ballots). The total of first-place rankings in the first round shows Jaslin in close second place, fewer than 600 votes behind Linda Lee. There's still a lot of race to go and everyone should be proud!


In Tiffany’s race, she declared victory that night with 49.32% of first choice votes! While her race has not been “officially” decided, her lead is steep. Congrats Tiffany!



The future of a unionless, privatized school system - backed by the AFT state union --- Can that possibly be true? O yes it can -- remember how the AFT  backed NCLB, Race to the top --- The neo-libs hand the union the knife and they stick it into themselves.

Rhode Island goes rogue by automatically enroll every child in lottery

From Ravitch:  

Rhode Island: Legislature Proposes that Every Child in State Be Placed in Charter Lottery

When Gina Raimondo, now Secretary of Commerce, was governor of Rhode Island, she was an enthusiastic supporter of privately-run charter schools. Her successor as governor was director of a charter school (Blackstone Valley Prep) before he ran for office.

Now, the Rhode Island House of Representatives has proposed a bill that would “automaticallly enter all public school students into charter school lotteries...” with parents having to actively opt their child out if they prefer the traditional public school in their community instead. …. 

The bill was sponsored by Democrat Rep. Edith Ajello of Providence and Democrat Rep. Joseph McNamara of Cranston and Warwick says it has the support of the Rhode Island Federation of Teachers.

Remember who Raimondo it -- BIDEN'S Commerce Secty who was floated as Ed Secty until progressive nixed her. Sometimes I actually get some joy watching Republicans savage Dems.

See also


new video: why class size matters!

Check out and share our new video!

NYC educators, parents, students, elected officials explain how class size has a profound impact on learning and the quality of education, especially for disadvantaged and high needs students, and that for the sake of true equity, class sizes should be reduced in NYC and nationwide. 

If you agree, sign our petition to the Mayor .

Shorter version of the video here on vimeo here.

Thanks, Leonie Haimson


SCOTUS decision on student free speech: Randi takes both sides - in the same article

Doesn’t this sound like the Randi and AFT switched positions?

The nation’s second largest teachers union and education groups representing school boards, principals and superintendents, in an amicus brief, had urged the high court to side with the school district. The groups wanted justices to “reaffirm that the nation’s public schools retain the authority to discipline students, as warranted, for off campus student speech that threatens to interfere improperly with school operations.”...

American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten also lauded the opinion, saying “the court made a wise decision in favor of the student.”

“While off-campus speech by students can be the subject of discipline when threats or bullying are involved, there must be a higher standard when the speech occurs outside of school,” she said.


Friday, June 25, 2021

Norms Morn Report - June 26, 2021 - Last School Day, DSA - Wiley not left enough, Adams Big Theat to left and UFT, Go Felicia Singh, CC32

A new Ed Notes wrinkle 
I've had problems deciding what to write on this blog due to so much interesting

info coming in all day, to the extent that I often just don't bother blogging. So now I'm going to try to do bits and pieces of info with links, morning and maybe even evening and even midday when I can. Look for Norms Morn and Norms Eve. And maybe Norms Noon.

School's over
For 35 years this was the happiest day of the year. Then I'd wake up the next morning and think - damn, only 65 days before I have to go back. And then I'd end up going in the last week of July to set up my room. But since I retired 19 years ago, I only notice school is over when there are no school buses coming down my block and loads of parking spaces. Anyway, congrats to all in-service members. Next year may be a normal one - or maybe not if Delta variant goes wild.

UFT member Erik Mears at Provocations blog delves into DSA and future mayoral campaigns
There is a popular narrative on the left that although left-leaning candidates are not faring well in this year’s NYC mayoral election, a DSA-backed leftist could win city-wide in 2025 or 2029. Here is why I view that as an almost-worthless prediction:

I met Erik through MORE. While he doesn't mention MORE in his blog, I was thinking that he describes MORE which is so connected to DSA. MORE pushed the UFT to overthrow Stringer (due process be damned) and give the faux leftist Morales a holler and ignored Wiley, just as Mulgrew did. Well, at least Unity and MORE came to agreement -- bipartisanship -- and we end up with Adams.

Erik's blog is on my blogroll -- He hasn't done much blogging and his is a reasonable progressive voice that should be heard. I left this comment:

Good analysis. The hard left always celebrates even modest gains and ignores any negatives. Buffalo was a success of course but the Cuomo attack is not totally false - low turnout and terrible campaign by incumbent. DSA is now on the radar of billionaires and a major assault on anything to do with socialism is coming. I'm a DSA member and like a lot of their organizing ability but they have to go reach into communities of color. I often see the hostility towards left ideas from that community coming out of that community at Delegate Assemblies. But that is Unity Caucus which is in a category of its own. UFT will never endorse a DSA person unless they are an incumbent.

I'm very wrapped up in DSA analysis - I'm a member but with questions -- because they present the first serious challenge to the Dem Party machine at the grassroots level. They are viewed as an enemy of center Dems, including the UFT, and Republicans and billionaires. Their success has made them a target.

Also see Gotham: How Far Left Will These Two Centrist City Council Seats Go?


Eric Adams a threat to the left and to UFT

The big threat to the UFT will be lifting the charter cap and Mulgrew by not having Wiley as second choice will pay a price - unless the Dem Socialists ironically have enough influence to kill the charter cap lift --- don't expect UFT usual allies in the Dem Party to save them. I bet the next Chancellor will be super charter friendly - maybe even Eva gets to choose. Ross Barkan has two article worth reading.

Eric Adams and the Weapon of Identity:  The Left doesn't quite know what could hit them

Eric Adams, Unleashed

Adams will weaponize identity politics while allying with billionaires and real estate interests to make left criticism toothless as he accuses the mostly white groups of racism. Just watch a group like MORE, so wrapped up in identity politics, try to dance around this one. One thing I used to notice when I was in MORE, my pleas to really go after charters met with some interesting lack of interest. I guessed fears of the pro-charter elements of the black community -- how dare these white leftists tell us where to send our kids? 


Felicia Singh with slight lead over UFT endorsed Scala in CC 32 race

Singh is not a Dem Socialist but pretty progressive and had local DSA members active in her campaign. She was a charter school teacher and by some accounts did not have a clear message on education.

Scala was endorsed by the UFT but they don't seem to care about ed records as long as the candidate is not too left. I didn't list Scala at all.

Severino who was backed by Leonie and others in KidsPac dropped out. So Singh would need other candidates' #2 choice. I had asked some of her campaign workers about #2 strategy and they didn't seem to have one. But if they had made a few deals with say Alamarie or Sheikh - she'd probably win. I'm thinking that their 1400 voters might just pick Singh based on her name alone.

Member of the City Council 32nd Council District - Democratic
(Unofficial Results from Round 1+)


  Name Party Votes Percentage  
1 Felicia Singh Democratic  3206 36.23%

2 Bella A. Matias Democratic  702 7.93%

3 Michael G. Scala Democratic  3094 34.96%

4 Shaeleigh Severino Democratic  221 2.50%

5 Kaled A. Alamarie Democratic  601 6.79%

6 Helal A. Sheikh Democratic  880 9.94%

7 WRITE-IN   145 1.64%





Percentage of Scanners Reported:


John Lawhead (ICEUFT and Solidarity Caucus) has been running a series on UFT history that has been fabulous. We focused on Dave Seldin's book  - he was Shanker's mentor. Really great stuff. Most Fridays at 6 PM -- if interested email me.

This week we are returning to David Selden's fascinating story of the power struggles within the AFT in 1968-69.  I'm hoping we can cover chapters 13-18 of The Teacher Rebellion.  Whatever we don't get to, we can take up on July 9, which will be our next chance to meet.

At that time I would also like to discuss the final chapter of Blackboard Unions, "Professionalism and Unionism in the 70s and 80s" by Marjorie Murphy.


See you later - maybe.


Wednesday, June 23, 2021

The Ugly Facts - UFT Helped Adams and charters by ignoring Wiley, AOC Votes Stringer #2 questioning METOO auto cancellation

Mulgrew told people not to vote for Adams. But in essence he may have helped Adams get elected. Mulgrew and the UFT could have taken advantage of RCV (see Politico below) --- but the UFT is center/right Democratic Party and Wiley was too far out -- they won't say it but would rather have Adams than Wiley - better to have more charters? Was it an error in judgment or a calculated political decision? No one outside the black box of narrow UFT decision making knows.

How dangerous is Adams? Ross Barkan let's us know.

Eric Adams and the Weapon of Identity

The Left doesn't quite know what could hit them

Eric Adams, Unleashed

And City and State reports: 
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez revealed that she ranked Maya Wiley and Scott Stringer as her Nos. 1 and 2 picks for New York City mayor while making no mention of the sexual harassment accusations swirling around Stringer, the Daily News reports. 

Given that METOO was weaponized against Stringer, I see the AOC vote as a significant form of vindication - and condemnation of aspects of meetoo and automatic cancellation. And to some extent a point for Mulgrew and the UFT for sticking with Stringer. 

But I keep asking how Mulgrew and his three men and one woman in the room make their decisions. But when you examine the history of real UFT politics - not what they say but what they do -- you can see that what I said to open this conversation is accurate. Better right wing than left wing.

Mulgrew has helped elect Adams by ignoring Wiley

My problem with the UFT is that they didn't offer alt choices, totally ignoring the new RCV system. In other words, locking us into a loser, once again. Many of us, and some inside the UFT itself, pushed for at the very least Wiley as a #2. With her in 2nd place and with a chance to overtake Adams, in essence Mulgew has helped Adams despite calling for him and Yang to be left off the ballot.

So if Wiley could have beaten Adams if the UFT had backed her, watch what happens when charters invade in force and Mulgrew will run away from this mistake.

I think the Stringer collapse and the questions raised as progressives blew a chance to win will have repercussions. Every male candidate better search his past back to elementary school. I just remembered, I looked up a girl's dress when I was 5. 

Here are some of my reports on the UFT, Stringer and the questionable charges.

Here's an example explaining how Mulgrew and the UFT could have taken advantage of RCV -- but the UFT is center/right Democratic Party and Wiley was too far out -- they won't say it but would rather have Adams - just as they'd prefer Trump to a Bernie.

Politico: RANKED CHOICE VOTING: IT’S AUSTRALIAN FOR ELECTIONS Ranked choice voting isn’t complicated — but you’d never know it from New York City’s mayoral race.

When Nightly contacted each of the top candidates, not one of them had a plan for telling their voters how to rank the rest of the candidates on their ballots. Sure, Andrew Yang has been saying for months that he would rank Kathryn Garcia second, and he urged his supporters to do so at a weekend rally — but he failed to even update his website with the instruction. A list of ranked-choice recommendations is not posted on any candidate’s site, or printed on their mailers. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gave a more detailed RCV guide for downballot races than any of the mayoral candidates did for their own race.

That’s Election 101 stuff in Australia, my home country and the global capital of ranked choice voting , where the system is used in all elections from college campuses to federal elections. In New York, where I live now, voting may be about to end at 9 p.m. ET, but the crapshoot among five leading candidates is only just starting.

Ever since New Yorkers voted by a 74-26 margin to introduce ranked choice voting in 2019 — joining the state of Maine and cities including San Francisco and Minneapolis — the system has been under attack, including from Eric Adams, the leading candidate in today’s mayoral race . In a decision that may fuel suspicions, the city’s notorious election board won’t commit to timely publication of ongoing vote totals.

But the real problem has been the failure of the candidates to adapt their campaign strategies to the new system. In a ranked choice system, self-interest dictates that a candidate should make deals with rivals and communicate those deals with voters. But admitting you need voters who think you’re only second-best is the antithesis of New York toughness.

The lowest-ranked candidates could have formed a coalition to take on the big shots, while the more left-wing candidates such as Maya Wiley, Scott Stringer and Dianne Morales could have worked together to blunt the moderates at the top of opinion polls.

Instead it was moderate Kathryn Garcia who did most to explore preference deals, and even that was half-hearted. She failed to return the favor when Yang recommended her as his second choice.

Australia’s experience with ranked choice voting shows that deals among candidates can affect the results. Australian candidates have won ranked choice elections with as little as 0.2 percent of first choice votes . Senator Ricky Muir won a Senate seat in 2013 after starting with 0.5 percent of the vote: He vacuumed up another half million or so votes from voters who ranked him second or lower, closing a 400,000 vote gap. (Muir is an exception, though. The main outcome the system has led to in the Australian Senate, where eight parties are represented, is diversity without gridlock.)

More common are “Anyone But X” campaigns. In San Francisco, mayoral candidates Jane Kim and Mark Leno formed a tactical alliance against Mayor London Breed, getting within 2,500 votes of unseating her in 2018.

In New York, Adams — a former Republican — is a vulnerable frontrunner sitting at the top of opinion polls with just 24 percent support. An “Anyone by Adams” campaign could have worked, but his rivals missed that tactical opportunity, leaving it up to individual anti-Adams voters to coordinate to defeat him.

Polls alone should have told the leading candidates the usual tactics wouldn’t cut it. Five candidates have regularly polled in double digits — Adams, Andrew Yang, Kathryn Garcia, Maya Wiley and Scott Stringer — but none is polling above 25 percent. That means each of them needs to double or triple their vote totals to win by collecting second, third, fourth and fifth preference votes as their lower-ranked rivals are eliminated and their votes are redistributed.

In the absence of coordinated rivals, Adams used his frontrunner status to slam ranked choice voting as a form of voter suppression: “Everyone knows that every layer you put in place in the process, you lose Black and brown voters and participation,” he told POLITICO. He railed Monday against Yang and Garcia for finally daring to campaign together.

By Adams’ logic, the same people who voted for ranked choice voting are going to be disenfranchised by it. But voters say they’re happy with the system, and Adams is in pole position. In 96 percent of American ranked choice elections since 2004, the candidate with the most first-preference votes ended up winning.

It’s not even New York’s first time at this rodeo: A version of ranked choice voting was in place from 1936 to 1947, allowing the first women and black candidates to be elected to the City Council. The local Democratic machine disliked the reduced control that ranked choice voting forced on them, and worked for years to abolish the system.

As the leading candidate, Adams cannot coast to victory under ranked choice. Instead, he must listen to and appeal to voters well beyond his base. If he fails in that task, one of the lower ranked candidates will sweep up second preference votes and overtake him when the final results are tabulated sometime in the week of July 12.

If Adams ends up winning, he may work to kill New York’s new voting system. His rivals would have only themselves to blame.

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