Sunday, June 13, 2021

Eric Adams' 400 Blows on class size - why stop at 400? let's make it a massive zoom party and sell off schools for condos

Recent reports on Adams' comments last year that new technology would allow teachers to cover 400 students. I have a better idea that will save a mint.

There are a million kids in the NYC system, give or take 50 thousand. So if a teacher can handle 400 why not make it a hundred thousand. Hire ten teachers at a million bucks apiece and shift to complete remote system. Use the money saved to get top level tech for the kids. Even pay for daycare centers for them. 

Each teacher gets a staff for support - model the call centers in India.

This preps us for the next pandemic and may even prevent a spread.  

Transportation systems will be relieved and traffic too  no more yellow school buses to block your street. 

Now what if we need some in person events? Just use stadiums - Imagine Yankee stadium as a classroom -- and you'd reduce class size from 100K to 50k.

And best of all -- sell off all school real estate for condos. Can I get a penthouse in Stuyvesant?

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