Wednesday, March 27, 2013

UPDATE - Video: IS 49 SI Asst Principal Illegally Stops and Frisks Student

See new info below. This info was sent to OSI and they did nothing. When a video about a teacher is out there they pull the teacher and try to fire them. See what was sent to OSI.
And where is the press on this double standard?

How long will the DOE protect the administrators at this school?

sent OSI and SCI and they did nothing. From teachers to osi:

Other Allegations submitted 4 months ago about the same assistant principal:
On 9/9/11 AP _______ was seen grabbing student _______ by front desk at dismissal and pushing him back and forth shaking and holding him by his wrists yelling
AP ________ was seen grabbing student _____ in the main staircase on 1st floor by the neck and shaking her. Beginning of 5th period (approx 11:20-11:30) on 12/30/11
AP _______ was observed pulling the hoody strings around the neck of District 75 student____ outside room 228 around 7pm on February 28, 2012
From anonymous staff member submitted on my UFT online suggestion site:
“ On the day (June 6, 12) of the incident, with Student A Ms. ______shielded student A with her body so that she would not get cuffed by School Safety. Student A was pinned against the wall by her AP, her body up against Student A and her two arms against the wall so that she had leverage to move her body if anyone tried to get to  Student A.School safety tried on several occasions to try and secure Student A to be cuffed, but Ms. ______ moved her body to and fro and and school safety was not able to cuff Student A. It was absolutely disgusting to see _____’ body up against a student. All of this can be verified by the video tape from the security cameras, she was next to Rm 131. Hill (principal) called in school safety agents and tried to say that they were responsible for allowing  Student A to get in building. School safety, at dismissal, is usually relieved by Hill or AP (when they were checking staff out for day) so that an agent can go to the doors to make sure they are closed.______was checking out staff for that day, but she did not go early to relive level 3, because she wanted staff to wait for making complaints about having to wait to check out. By the time _____ got to relieve level 3 was the same time that _____sneaked through the doors.
There are no suggestion because no matter what we do nothing is ever done about it… ”


  1. This is one for America's Funniest videos. Norm, if this one is the real deal, you better monitor the comments!!!! -I thought that the Kardashian picture in the News was funny-this is better!!

  2. What in God's name is that woman wearing? ?

  3. That's Portellos school? He is still out.

  4. Just another example of the DOE "double standard".

  5. TeachmyclassMrMayor(andyoutooMrMulgrew)Wednesday, March 27, 2013 at 3:03:00 PM EDT

    Protect? This woman will be praised as an ideal educator and given all kinds of raises and promotions

  6. A teacher in my high school is up for termination for allegedly "looking at a girl's breasts". Yes "looking" with no other witnesses. I bet this administrator never even got questioned.

  7. Must be the end of the day as the AP appears to be dressed for her second job. Does NYC even have a Sea World though?

  8. I think that she is wearing something along the lines of a Vera Wang dress. Can me [first post] and the second poster be the only ones with an eye for some humor in this video. Lighten up folks, we all know what's up with the DoE and Bloomy. Smile at this one!!

  9. Don't pat your comic chops on the back too hard anonymous, shocking as it may seem I was having some fun with the Sea World comment too. Apparently it swam right over your head.

  10. Checked again for some light stuff and laughs-You must have not verified the above comment until after I sent mine in. Credit to poster Sean as well!! Seriously Norm, as for the DoE, I would expect that after getting wind of these posts and video, and they will-something will be said or done to this AP. I WILL check with you!

  11. I've worked at this school from even before Diacomanolis came from Pershing. We called in on her and it always came back unsubstantiated or turned. We gave up. Then Portelos comes in with the guts to speak out against the atrocities at 49. where is he now? Oh that's right sitting in a room fit over 300 days.

  12. Sorry Sean-Computer lag mistake!! I did credit you after with another post. We need more laughs.

  13. I saw some writings on the wall at IS49 that children in 720, 710 did. I was horrified. I brought it up at a meeting with the PTA president,principal, SLT members and two teachers. The response I received was too much for a parent to hear. The writings on the wall were projects the children did. This was the final draft. Not only did I see mispellings, and incorrect noun-verb agreements but one kid continously wrote lower case i throughout his writings. I should have taken a pic of this. The bafoonary at this school is overwhelming.I asked an English teacher if she corrected her students when they spoke incorrect and her response was that that's probably how their parents speak and it's a sensitive issue, the kids might say, "well, that's how my mom speaks." And we can't tell them their parents speak incorrect. For real. Come on. My child corrects me and I love it. I correct my child too. I feel so sorry for the children in that school.

    1. Please contact me as we have a growing number of concerned parents who are not going to sit and wait for the DOE and politicians to do something about it.


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