Friday, March 1, 2013

MORE Releases UFT Election Ad

Share this with the people in your school.

Thanks to Darren and Mollie who took a big chunk of time to do the work on this. D and M were 2 of the key people on our film, The Inconvenient Truth Behind Waiting for Superman (which if you haven't, you should see why Julie and Brian are superb for leading the MORE slate).

D and M's next task is to put our film up on you tube in sections which MOREs will show to the people in their schools -- really the most comprehensive response to the ed deform movement. They have really turned into pros.

One of the great things about MORE has been so many people taking on different tasks, freeing me to laze around. Really, this election campaign has required less of me than any of the 3 previous ones, with the key being, other than petitioning, I don't have to make many decisions. "Just tell me what to do," is my mantra. But Mike Schirtzer (MORE VEEP cand) do you have to do that every 10 minutes? Looking forward to out drinking him at today's Bay Ridge happy hour.

Here is the email sent out.

Spread the word about a positive alternative to the UFT leadership...
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Movement of Rank and File Educators

Why we need MORE from our union

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MORE Campaign Video

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VOTE FOR MORE this April in the UFT officer elections!

A diverse slate of educators from across the city will challenge their union's incumbent officers in April's UFT election. Gathered under the banner of MORE (Movement of Rank and File Educators), these UFT members have pledged to build alliances with parents and communities in an effort to stem the city and state's ongoing attacks on New York City's public schools. MORE is a positive alternative to the current leadership of their union.

MORE was formed in 2012 by UFT members working in all five boroughs, from kindergarten through 12th grade. Through their experiences as teachers, paraprofessionals, guidance counselors, related service providers, secretaries, and parents MORE members became frustrated by the current direction of education reform.

MORE's UFT Presidential Candidate Julie Cavanagh sees the union as a vehicle for positive change. As Cavanagh explained, "A school should be the heartbeat of its community, a place for educators, students, and families to come together. Instead, the Mayor has turned schools into test-prep factories, and UFT officials, who have supported Mayoral Control, have gone along with him." MORE believes "Our working conditions are our students' learning conditions!" We need union leaders that fight for the schools our children deserve.

In addition to running in this spring's UFT elections, MORE organizes events ranging from educational forums and protests to social gatherings. For information about MORE visit

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  1. Hi Norm.Your message is informative.But how many uft members will support More if they have never read your blogs???


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