Wednesday, March 13, 2013

PEP Videos: Support for Moratorium on School Closings

I have a lot to say about the Panel for Educational Policy "close every school you can" March 11 meeting other than to say that many MOREs spoke, some UFT/Unity honchos were present. There were some pretty good feelings between MORE and Unity that night. Other than the fact that the UFT charter helped cause the closing of one school - my alma mater - and is joining its elementary charter by taking 21 rooms from JHS 292, whose parents and students and teachers protested vociferously. I interviewed the PTA president and will do a separate piece on that issue.

But let's focus on the love boat between MORE and the few Unity people who were there.

Below are the first batch of videos.

UFT Secretary Michael Mendel, who is retiring, made a rousing speech that will do credit to his legacy. I found out earlier in the day when we drew lots for ballot position in the UFT election that he wasn't running for UFT Secretary, the 2nd highest position in the UFT. And he confirmed it. He said he was supposed to be chairing the UFT Exec Bd meeting but asked to attend so he could support the closing schools.

He went out of his way to talk about James Eterno's Jamaica HS. The entire MORE section rose to cheer him as he finished.

Michael and I have always had an excellent relationship -- even when we disagree and I get passionate and crazy, he defuses things by bringing up sports. I used to sit behind him at Ranger games where some Unity people had a bunch of tickets. We all will miss him.

In this video, former Lehman HS CL Anne Looser joins Elana Eisen Markowitz, Dana Levy, Karla Tobar, Sean Ahern, and Carmen Applewhite in making important points about the closing school policies. Most of them are members of MORE.

MORE's Kevin Kearns, who worked with Anne Looser at Lehman and Jamaica HS James Eterno speak on the moratorium.


Noah Gotbaum who will be running for Public Advocate and Leonie Haimson of Class Size Matters.


  1. Noah Gotbaum is no longer running for public advocate. As of a couple weeks ago, he's running for Gale Brewer's council seat.

    1. thanks flerp. last i heard betsy g wasn't supporting him. i like him. he's been with us from early on. tough position given he needs uft.


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