Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rand Paul's Real Reason for Filibuster: Obama Refuses to Rule Out Drone Attack on Ravitch


  1. Sirota:

    Obama is a war criminal and a murderer. He has murdered far more little children with his drone bomb campaigns in Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan and Pakistan than were killed in Newtown. He ordered a drone strike that killed children the very weekend he spoke about the Newtown massacre. He belongs in a prison cell along with George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Condi Rice, Stephen Hadley, John Yoo, Donald Rumsfeld, David Petraeus, Henry Kissinger, Richard Nixon, et al.

    I understand Paul was calling attention to Obama's domestic use of drones. That SOMEBODY called attention to this in Washington is important. It was Rand's father, Ron Paul, who was one of the few in Washington to question Obama's ordered execution of Anwar Aw-Awlaki and his son and nephew without due process.

    It seems so long as it's a Democrat doing this stuff instead of Bush and Cheney, most Dems and liberals don't seem to care about it.

    Let me add one more thing - it was great to see a senator take to the floor old school and actually filibuster something IN PERSON. None of the arcane senate rules jive for Rand Paul - no rest, sleep or bathroom either.

  2. Absolutely perverse that only a Libertarian semi-nutjob would challenge Obama on drone warfare here in the States, but good for him, all the same...


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