Monday, March 4, 2013

Julie Cavanagh Appears on Gambling Show, Bloomberg's Favorite

And boy did Julie hold her own. Hear her response on the "what about bad teachers" and his defense of mayoral control where she deftly deflected his attacks on local community controls. And even he only grudgingly gave Bloomberg credit for raising results just a bit.


  1. Why are you blocking comments, Norm?

  2. Great job Julie did in that interview against the hack questioning of a mediocre talkshow host.

    Re mayoral control, one thing I'd like to hear our MORE candidates mention is the DOE's proclivity for fabricating statistics. Guided by the mayor, it's made a virtual industry of data manipulation so they can foist a profoundly anti-social, corporate ideology on communities, parents, students, and educational staff.

    Why the current union leadership tolerates the DOE's faux school ratings, deeply flawed teacher evaluations, trumped up graduation rates, and use of high-stakes testing to extent that it does is really bizarre. None of these fabricated pictures help individual kids, parents, or teachers, and it's obvious that whole communities continue to be destabilized as long as these Mona Lisas of success or failure are used to justify public school closures, charter installations, obliterating public/parental input, and fiendish union-busting.


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