Friday, August 12, 2022

Defunding the FBI - Left Meets Right - Let's go to it - Video - Krystal AGREES With Marjory and Candace

If one took a vote of FBI agents, whom do you think a big majority voted for - Biden or Trump? 
Like exactly who screwed the Hillary campaign in 2016 -- under pressure from the rank and file agents from what we've heard.
I'd bet the house on Trump. So it's sort of funny to see the anti FBI fervor coming from the right. 

From my first days of associating with the left c. 1970, the FBI was a major enemy. Remember Fred Hampton? The left have been anti-FBI since it was founded -- you know, the anti-labor, anti-left FBI. All things point to the FBI knowing Martin Luther King was about to be assassinated and kept it quiet. There are even rumor about JFK - but that may be more CIA.

This is not to excuse the lunatic attacks from the right. What is disappointing is the liberal defense of the FBI.

Krystal Ball makes the case that Candace Owens and other conservatives are right to come around to the historically progressive position of defunding the FBI.

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