Wednesday, June 28, 2023

UFT Contract and Unity Scare tactics plus Retiree Advocate Lists City Council Members to ask to co-sponsor Bill 1099 to offer option to remain in Medicare

Two main items for today. The contract vote is supposedly wrapping up with the possible count being July 6 - but there are so many snafus in how ballots are being returned, we may find votes for entire schools possibly getting "lost." 
Get the details on the snafu at EONYC:

Will Our UFT Ratification Votes for the Tentative Contract be Received or Counted?

A rushed ratification process along with botched mail return labels and confusing emails lead to serious questions about election integrity.

I'm not going to get further into the gritty details and leave it to Arthur, EONYC, Nick and Jonathan - hey, where are the lady bloggers in NYC Ed?
Skinny Awards Tonight
Tonight is Leonie Haimson's Skinny Awards honoring Jamaal Bowman -- a bunch of us will be there --  you probably can still sign up or make a donation to the work Leonie does. Bowman is probably the only true education advocate in Congress. And he supports us on the healthcare issue.

City Council Updates

Harry Garrido  appeared on NY1 in an Errol Lewis (way over rated) interview that was sponsored by guess who -- AETNA.

Retirees Slams DC 37 Garrido over Threats at Press Conference today, June 22 Rally pics

Breaking on Tuesday Primary:

Of the contested City Council seats that may affect an eventual Medicare vote:
  • It looks like our D42 Socialist friend Charles Barron is out, as of January, as he is significantly trailing UFT-endorsed candidate Chris Banks.
  • Yusef Salaam will replace our friend Kristin Jordan Richardson who did not run. Salaam is nominally a progressive. He beat KRJ's centrist challenger Inez Dickens (who was endorsed by the UFT) in something of a surprise upset.
  • Our solid Republican friend, Ari Kagan, will go up against our wishy-washy Democratic friend, Justin Brannan, in the newly drawn 47th District in Brooklyn.
  • The newly drawn, majority-Asian, 43rd District in Brooklyn's Sunset Park Chinatown may be a close race in November featuring a hard-right Democrat, Susan Zhuang, versus a yet-to-be-determined, actual Republican (either Ying Tan or Vito LaBella).
In other contested races involving 1099-supportive friends, Christopher Marte cruised in D1 (Yay!), Lynn Schulman is well ahead in D29, and Linda Lee cruised in D23.

The UFT seems to have bumped off Barron - bad news for retirees.


Video from rallies and press conference: 


Message from Retiree Advocate 

As many of you have heard, there is a new bill in the NY City Council that would require the City to offer Medicare-eligible city retirees and their Medicare-eligible dependents at least one Medigap plan with benefits equivalent to or better than those available to city retirees and their dependents as of December 31, 2021.

It would provide retirees with the health coverage that they have had for decades and would stop the unacceptable transfer into a Medicare Advantage Plan.

Let's do what we can to make this Bill get the support it needs to become binding.

Contact City Council Members

Ask  them to co-sponsor Bill 1099

Sample Letter

Good morning CM               ,

I am a New York City retiree, and I am urging you to support Council Member Barron's Retiree bill 1099  which guarantees all city retirees and their dependents the right to remain on traditional Medicare with a Medicare Supplemental (or Medigap) plan paid for by the City of New York as required under Section 12-126. 

I ask and expect your support for this bill. Will you co-sponsor, support and vote for bill 1099 to protect retirees' healthcare options? I request  your response asap.|Text|&Search=barron

Thank you, 


?? year retired teacher, UFT retiree


Phone Number

City Council Spreadsheet with Contact list- June 26, 2023

Yellow = Co-sponsors of Barron’s Healhtcare Bill

District 1-Christopher Marte- COS-Caitlin Kelmar  Leg. Dir. Ian Wang 

District 2- Carlina Rivera- COS is Katie   district office-212 6771077, leg. office-212 788 7366 

District 3-Erik Bottcher- Leg. Dir. Pam Comerford  District Office: 212-564-7757

District 4- Keith Powers- Hayley Brundige  legislative director and budget director  COS is Ben Jacobs Legislative Office: 212-788-7393 District Office: 212-818-0580

District 5- Julie Menin-  Chief of Staff Jonathan Szott Leg Dir-Brandon Jordan  Scheduler/Director of Constituent Services -Cameron Koffman  Legislative Office: 212-788-6865

District 6- Gale Brewer-Shulamit Puder, Chief of Staff  Rosalba Rodriguez- 

District Office: 212-873-0282 Legislative office 212-788-6975

District 7- Shaun Abreu-COS-Amber Policy and Budget Dir. Jalissa Legislative Office: 212-788-7007 District Office: 212-928-6814

District 8- Diana Ayala-COS Elise Encarnacion  212-788-6960. Ashley Aviles-Asst to Office of Deputy Dir of Budget-Stephanie Herrera- Legislative Office: 212-788-6960 District Office: 212-828-9800/ 347-297-4922

District 9-Kristen Richardson Jordan-  646 960 1344 COS Jack   or 929 595 4586 Lisa McKraken Legislative Office: 212-788-7397

District 10-Carmen de la Rosa-COS- James  Leg Dir- Kiana  (646) 670-6901Legislative Office: 212-788-7053 District Office: 917-521-2616 

District 11-Eric Dinowitz-Chief of Staff Jenna Klaus    For scheduling inquiries contact Legislative Office: (212) 788-7080 District Office: (718) 549-7300

District 12-Kevin C. Riley- COS is Simone Jones- sijones@council   Budget Director- Jahmal Yapp Legislative Office: (212)-788-6873 District Office: (718) 684-5509 or 347-326-8652

District 13-Marjorie Velazquez- COS- Jackie Crossan  Legislative Office: 212-788-7375 District Office: 718-931-1721

District 14- Pierina Ana Sanchez- constituent services -Adrian Cacho Legislative Office: 212-788-7074 District Office: 917-409-6376‬

District 15-Oswald Feliz- Theona Reets-COS and Budget Director- Legislative Office:212-788-6966 District Office: 718-842-8100

District 16-Althea Stevens- COS Kate Connolly . Dep. COS- Tyreke Israel Legislative Office: 212-788-6856 District Office: 718-588-7500

District 17-Rafael Salamanca-  Legislative Office: 212-788-7384 District Office: 718-402-6130

District 18-Amanda Farias- Randi Malman . Leg. Dir. is Rebecca Legislative Office: 212-788-6853 

District Office: 718 792-1140

District 19-Vickie Paladino- Constituent Services Evelyn Mallo Legislative Office: 212-788-7250

 District 20- Sandra Ung- COS-Alexander Hart  Community Liaison- Dan Lin District Office: 718-888-8747


District 21-Francisco Moya-  COS is Meghan Tadio Leg. dir- Rebecca Beaver Legislative Office: 212-788-6862 

District Office: 718-651-1917

District 22- Tiffany Caban-COS Steph Silkowski Leg. Director-Madhuri Legislative Office: 212-788-6963

 District Office: 718-274-4500

District 23-Linda Lee- COS Amanda Vazquez  

District 24- James F. Gennaro- COS- Henry Yam  Leg. Dir.-Nabjot Legislative Office: 212-788-6956

District Office: 718-217-4969

District 25- Shekar Krishnan-  COS is Chuck Leg. Dir. is Greg Legislative Office: 212-788-7066 District Office: 929-293-0206

District 26- Julie Won - Carolina Gil Chief of Staff   Legislative Director - Isaac Blasenstein Legislative Office: 212-788-7370 District Office: 718-383-9566

District 27- Nantasha Williams-  Budget and Leg Dir. Everton Smith  Legislative Office: 212-788-7084 District Office: 718-776-3700

District 28- Adrienne Adams-Chief of Staff Jeremy John-  Legislative Office: 212-788-6850 District Office: 718-206-2068

District 29- Lynn Schulman- COS Seth Urbinder - (718) 544- 8800

District 30- Robert Holden- COS-Daniel Kurzyna  Leg Dir-Craig Budget Dir-Sally Wong  Legislative Office: (212) 788-7381 District Office: (718) 366-3900

District 31- Selvena N. Legislative Office: 212-788-7216 District Office: 718-471-7014 or 718-527-4356

District 32- Joann Ariola-COS Phyllis Inserillo  Legislative Office: 212-788-7069  District Office: 718-738-1083 or 718-318-6411

District 33-Lincoln Restler-  COS Mariana Alexander Legislative Office: 212-788-7348 District Office: 718-875-5200

District 34-Jennifer Gutierrez- COS-Anna Bessendorf -  Leg Dir-Anya Lehr- Legislative Office: 212-788-7095 

District Office: 718-963-3141

District 35- Crystal Hudson- Dir. of Policy and Budget Andrew Wright COS- Cassie Addison  Legislative Office: 212-788-7081 District Office: 718-260-9191

District 36-Chi Osse - Chief of Staff, Naomi Hopkins,  Policy & Legislative Director- May Vutrapongatana  -   Scheduler is Christina Serrano Legislative Office: 212-788-7354 

District Office: 718-919-0740

District 37- Sandy Nurse -COS-Carlos Munoz Legislative Office: 212-788-7284 District Office: 718-642-8664

District 38-Alexa Aviles-Chief of Staff- Edward Cena Leg. Dir. Christina scheduler- 

Legislative Office: 212-788-7372 District Office: 718-439-9012


District 39- Shahana Hanif- Nora Brickner Chief of Staff Leg dir- Legislative Office: 212-788-6969 District Office: 718-499-1090

District 40-Rita Joseph -  Leg Dir  Legislative Office: 212-788-7352 District Office:718-287-8762

District 41- Darlene Mealy- Legislative Office: 212-788-7387 District Office: 718-953-3097

District 42-Charles Barron-COS: William Clay Also: Vinson Verdree- 718 649-9495 212 788-6957

District 43-Justin Brannan-Chief of Staff- Christopher McCreight Legislative Office: 212-788-7363 District Office: 718-748-5200

District 44-Kalman Yeger- Budget Director- Maria Markh   COS? Linda Pillcorema-  

Legislative Office: 212-788-7357 District Office: 718-853-2704

District 45-Farah N. Louis-  For leg. and budget Dir. Ruth Guillaume Legislative Office: 212-788-6859 District Office: 718-629-2900

District 46-Mercedes Narcisse- COS   Saye Joseph  Frank Shea- Dep. COS Legislative Office: 212-788-7286 District Office: 718-241-9330 

District 47-Ari Kagan-  COS Jeanine Cherichetti Also Ather Tirmizi- Budget Dir.  Legislative Office: 212-788-7045