Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Ultimate Sellout: New Action Election Flyer Doesn't Report That Mulgrew Heads Ticket

They tell you what they oppose in Unity policy without telling you that Mulgrew is running on the New Action and Unity line and that 10 of their candidates are running for the Exec Bd on the Unity line in addition to New Action, which guarantees them those seats. So if Unity said NO to the New Action claims, why are they running Mulgrew as their presidential candidate?

New Action was an enthusiastic supporter of the UFT charter school -- except for current MORE candidate for UFT Exec Bd James Eterno, who when he was with NA on the Exec Bd was the only one to vote against the UFT charter, for which he got yelled at by Randi.

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  1. Intersting how NA is against mayoral control, yet they are running Mulgrew as their presidential candidate who is for it! I do agree the UFT should NOT be endorsing Quinn. MORE may have to take a political stand soon.


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