Friday, March 15, 2013

Principal Brian De Vale in Valentine's Day Message Praises Staff, Smashes Ed Deformers

Dear Staff, You're doing an amazing job. Too bad the union busting mayor and all his acolytes don't get it.
Having cast of the manacles of the Quality Review rubric, the framework for effective teaching... the NYS standards and every other guide, I have relied on my 27 years as a teacher, dean, supervisor and principal to conduct this formal observation... I use my many years in education as my guide.... I know a good school when I see it... Brian De Vale
Readers of this blog already know of Brian and his passionate defense of teacher and union rights that puts the Unity/UFT to shame. In this 3 page spread appearing in the March 2013 CSA News, he reports on his visits to teachers not with a "gotcha" mentality, but with heartfelt  and total support. It is not often I post an article from the CSA, but when they take a stand on issues that are in the interests of supervisors and teachers while the NY Teacher spends more time defending ed deform crap than defending their members......

Here is Brian's full 3 page spread. And do I love that Brian mentioned Kindergarten teacher Maria Carrigan who was my tech partner in crime for 5 years when we worked at the District 14 media center. And yes, for those few people out there who think I won't listen to a woman, I did everything Maria told me to do.

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  1. Norm-This is one great and courageous man!! His staff is very fortunate to have him as their leader. Invite him down to the beach this Summer [yes, if we have one!]. I will personally see to it that he gets a new Tommy Bahama beach chair.-Joel


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