Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Video: PEP Rejected Call for Moratorium on School Closings, Phaseouts and Colocations

I finally had a chance to put this together from the March 11 PEP meeting. Given there is another one tonight focused on giving away entire swaths of the school system to Eva Moskowitz, it will be another busy night.

At the PEP, Queens Rep Dmytro Fedkowskisj and Mahattan's Patrick Sullivan presented the moratorium resolution. This video has their statements and their reading of the reso which lost by a vote of 8-3 with the Bronx rep joining them and the Brooklyn rep appointed by the spineless Marty Markowitz abstaining -- you can hear some audience members erupting in catcalls calling Markowitz a clown.

By the way, did you hear of the new PEP rule: Eva gets equal opportunity to choose a member of the PEP along with the borough presidents.

New PEP member, David Brown, represented Success Network in co-location suits

David also maintains an active pro bono practice. Recently, he has represented Success Academy Charter Schools in cases where plaintiffs sought to prevent the co-location of charter schools in school buildings owned by the New York City Department of Education. Also on the Board of Harlem Link Charter School, which hasn't exactly received stellar school grades/test scores despite a high attrition rate taking out low scoring kids.

By the way, the founder of Harlem link is the well-known ed deformer who went under the monicker of Kitchen Sink, who given some of the stories about Harlem Link has been rather quiet of late.

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