Thursday, May 29, 2014

UFT Contract: The Growing Divide - the Salary Gap Between UFT/Unity Caucus Leaders and Members Grows With New Contract

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A pamphlet called "Before You Vote" hit my school Friday and people went nuts. It lists the $32.5 million in salaries of 606 UFT employees starting from Mulgrew ($276K)  on down- some of these people are making $100K and above and are trying to sell us a 1% contract--people are miffed.

My school has a Unity stooge for CL and he was desperate to collect all copies to destroy them!

I think this may be worth a story. I got curious and pulled the same data from 2012 with the US Department of Labor's Office of Labor Management Standards and it does NOT include pensions, payments or other compensation that these people are getting from the DOE or other sources!
The desperation we see from the Unity crowd to push this contract is intense. We know all the political reasons. How about the financial ones? They get the raise with none of the risks.

If MORE ever got close to chasing these guys out they would blow up the UFT before giving up their positions.

We received the above anonymously. This data is from 2012 so just add to the totals what the new contract gives them. Working for the UFT full time at the top levels is very lucrative. And you don't even have to teach. [I know, I know, you all make tremendous sacrifices for the rest of us.] A

I extracted the first roughly 100 names with 6 figure salaries. Note that your district rep and any other union officials who must teach a period a day are paid full salary by the DOE and then reimbursed the difference so all they show is additional compensation from the UFT for their work after school, weekends, etc. In the past the total reimbursement was over $4 million.

Oh, not in this chart is that little perk this July - the all expense trip to Los Angelos for at least 800 - and maybe a thousand Unity people - to the AFT convention. Figure about $2000 at least for each -- use the common core standards pushed by Randi to do the math.

Name Title Gross Salary Other Compensation Total 
MICHAEL MULGREW PRESIDENT $250,400 $25,468 $275,868
MICHAEL MENDEL SPECIAL ASST. $212,237 $14,696 $226,933
ELOISE ENGLER SPECIAL REP. $190,258 $35,331 $225,589
JOSE VARGAS BORO REP. $170,400 $29,065 $199,465
CAROL GERSTL GENERAL COUNSEL $183,750 $7,649 $191,399
LEROY BARR SPECIAL REP. $176,150 $14,506 $190,656
EVELYN DEJESUS BORO REP. $170,400 $15,183 $185,583
ADAM ROSS GENERAL COUNSEL $183,059 $2,080 $185,139
HOWARD SCHOOR BORO REP. $170,400 $14,580 $184,980
EMIL PIETROMONACO BORO REP. $170,400 $14,023 $184,423
RONA FREISER BORO REP. $170,400 $9,611 $180,011
CHARLES BAKER CONTROLLER $179,928 $0 $179,928
PAUL EGAN SPECIAL REP. $150,400 $21,638 $172,038
ROBERT ASTROWSKY SPECIAL REP. $170,000 $1,569 $171,569
LUCILLE SWAIM SPECIAL ASST. $169,996 $250 $170,246
PIERROT RAYMOND SPECIAL ASST. $160,754 $8,318 $169,072
JEFFREY GOLDSTEIN SPECIAL REP. $168,527 $14 $168,541
KAREN ALFORD SPECIAL REP. $156,814 $7,658 $164,472
MAUREEN SALTER COMMUNICATIONS $156,748 $3,731 $160,479
BRIAN GIBBONS ASST. TO PRESIDENT $152,250 $6,143 $158,393
MICHAEL KINK SRASTPRES $150,000 $6,011 $156,011
DAVID KAZANSKY SPECIAL REP. $142,867 $11,646 $154,513
ANTHONY HARMON SPECIAL REP. $142,400 $12,057 $154,457
ELLEN GALLIN PROCIDA SPECIAL REP. $142,867 $7,157 $150,024
MILES TRAGER SPECIAL REP. $132,867 $14,737 $147,604
DEIDRE MC FADYEN EDITOR $145,721 $1,356 $147,077
BARBARA SHILLER SPECIAL REP. $132,867 $10,748 $143,615
ANTHONY SCLAFANI SPECIAL REP. $137,047 $6,112 $143,159
WASHINGTON SANCHEZ SPECIAL REP. $137,047 $5,566 $142,613
FRANCINE STREICH SPECIAL REP. $139,090 $3,073 $142,163
ANNE GOLDMAN SPECIAL REP. $132,467 $9,558 $142,025
DERMOT SMYTH SPECIAL REP. $132,867 $9,066 $141,933
JACQUELINE BENNETT SPECIAL REP. $137,047 $4,869 $141,916
ZINA BURTON-MYRICK SPECIAL REP. $135,027 $6,299 $141,326
JOSEPH LOVERDE,JR WRITER $137,813 $3,460 $141,273
JOHN PAPAS ASST.CONTROLLER $140,569 $288 $140,857
SANDRA DUNN-YULES SPECIAL REP. $132,867 $7,657 $140,524
DEBRA POULOS SPECIAL REP. $137,799 $2,056 $139,855
JANELLA HINDS SPECIAL REP. $132,867 $6,596 $139,463
BRIGET ANNE REIN SPECIAL REP. $132,867 $6,558 $139,425
BRUCE ZIHAL SPECIAL REP. $132,867 $6,480 $139,347
MARGARET BORRELLI SPECIAL REP. $132,867 $6,253 $139,120
JOSEPH COLLETTI SPECIAL REP. $136,184 $2,874 $139,058
LILLIAN KOHLER SPECIAL REP. $132,867 $6,023 $138,890
MICHELLE DANIELS SPECIAL REP. $132,867 $5,462 $138,329
ALBANIA SEPULVEDA SPECIAL REP. $132,467 $5,800 $138,267
MARY ATKINSON SPECIAL REP. $132,867 $4,998 $137,865
JEFFREY POVALITIS SPECIAL REP. $132,467 $5,216 $137,683
MARTHA LANE SPECIAL REP. $132,467 $4,280 $136,747
LAURA TAMBURO SPECIAL REP. $132,867 $3,587 $136,454
AMY ARUNDELL SPECIAL REP. $132,867 $3,544 $136,411
ELIZABETH PEREZ SPECIAL REP. $132,867 $3,128 $135,995
CARL CAMBRIA SPECIAL REP. $132,867 $3,085 $135,952
THERESA SAMUELS SPECIAL REP. $132,867 $2,982 $135,849
WILMA VELAZQUEZ SPECIAL REP. $132,867 $2,966 $135,833
SHARON RIPLEY SPECIAL REP. $132,867 $2,835 $135,702
DIANE MAZZOLA SPECIAL REP. $132,867 $2,310 $135,177
MARK COLLINS SPECIAL REP. $132,867 $2,069 $134,936
JEFFREY HUART SPECIAL REP. $132,867 $1,517 $134,384
STEPHEN GAPPELBERG SPECIAL REP. $132,867 $1,431 $134,298
EUGENE RUBIN SPECIAL REP. $132,867 $1,253 $134,120
THOMAS BROWN SPECIAL REP. $132,867 $1,146 $134,013
DEBRA PENNY SPECIAL REP. $121,170 $8,031 $129,201
PATRICIA CRISPINO SPECIAL REP. $124,130 $4,257 $128,387
ANGELA KAHN SPECIAL REP. $116,323 $8,087 $124,410
FLLOYD BRYAN ASST.MGR.-TELECOM. $91,526 $18,638 $110,164
TAMMIE MILLER COORDINATOR $98,869 $11,262 $110,131
ALBERT FRAZIA ASST.DIR.-SHIP $107,553 $0 $107,553
JOYCE LEVENSON SPECIAL REP. $104,111 $3,192 $107,303
IRENE LOSPENUSO DIRECTOR - SHIP $107,040 $161 $107,201
ANN MARTIN MNGR.-ACCOUNTING $106,518 $0 $106,518
ILENE WEINERMAN SPECIAL REP. $103,130 $3,371 $106,501
JOHN TUOHY MNGR.-ACCOUNTING $105,680 $0 $105,680
CLAUDETTE EDWARDS ADMIN.ASST. $105,304 $0 $105,304
MICHAEL HIRSCH WRITER $105,028 $10 $105,038
ELINOR SPIELBERG WRITER $104,202 $27 $104,229
OSCAR RIVERA MNGR. - PRINT/MAIL $102,072 $194 $102,266
SHELVY YOUNG-ABRAMS SPECIAL REP. $99,522 $2,704 $102,226
MARY MCADOO COMMUNICATIONS $100,006 $1,250 $101,256
DEBORAH RUBIN DIRECTOR - HCC $100,998 $0 $100,998
JASON GOLDMAN LEGISLATION $76,005 $21,441 $97,446
DANIEL ACOSTA FIELD REP. $93,859 $0 $93,859 


  1. What about their NYSUT and AFT money?

  2. Not included i believe -- that would appear on NYSUT and AFT LM2. I think we published some of the NYSUT salaries.

  3. Really?!?! Really?!?!

    Must be a slow news day, huh?

    1. You mean you took time out of your busy day to make a stupid comment on this lil ol blog? Where are you on that sheet?

  4. The sad part about this article isn't the salaries of the people who make this union run on a daily basis but the fact that you think they are overpaid! If any of those listed were in the private sector they would be getting paid a hell of a lot more. I know many of the people on this list and they go above and beyond to give the members of this union guidance and protection in any and all situations that may arise.
    The people on that list do sacrifice a great deal. They work long hours, they fight with the DOE for our us, and honestly they do the stuff that many people just sit back and complain about. So instead of breaking down the pay scale of those who fight for us everyday maybe we need to say Thank you for all you do!!

    1. This is truly the funniest comment of the day. Poor old uft/unity - forced to leave the classroom to work so hard for 6 figure salaries. Defending the indefensible.

    2. I'd say you struck a nerve.

    3. Too bad it wasn't a vein - the blood suckers.

    4. In the private sector these guys would be fired for incompetence, malfeasance and mal --- add any suffix you can think of.

  5. It truly explains why many of the special reps will jump through union-related hoops and do whatever the union leadership wants to keep that salary and not to return to the classroom. If Karen Lewis were a NYC teacher, she would be upset. But, she was a very upset Chicago teacher that realized her union was not looking out for the members. Fortunately for the Chicago teachers, Karen took on the challenge of changing how the union was run and how the union leadership was getting paid. As NYC teachers, we need to look at the Chicago Union leadership and follow their change.

    1. 5:48

      Chicago is not doing so great.

      Rahm closed 50 schools.

      Teachers were fired.

      A resolution opposing Common Core means little.

      Show me how CTU is winning against corporate reform and I will hop on the bandwagon.

    2. No one is winning against ed deform. The difference in Chicago is that their own union is not selling them out and stabbing them in the back like the UFT. It is not just a reso against common core but a union that will not keep telling the members that common core and evals tied to it are good for them - like castor oil. At least teachers in CHicago don't have to fight a 2 front war where their dues goes into the pockets of people working to undermine their own members. Do you think Karen Lewis would be sneaking around backing Cuomo? Imagine if our union actually fought that bastard instead of splitting nysust. So yet even though under attack at least the CTU leadership has the support of its own members and some semblence of democracy. When 90% of the teachers support a strike that alone sends a message.

  6. Every one of them should lose their jobs.

  7. It's not the amount of money that they are paid that bothers's that they don't actually fight for us in a meaningful or effective way. When 2 teachers in my school were brought up on absurd charges and the DOE levied a fine against them all the UFT did was tell them to take the deal. The UFT couldn't even negotiate a lesser fine. So in essence, the special rep accomplished nothing and wasn't necessary to the proceedings at all. If Mulgrew et al truly had our best interests at heart and truly worked hard for us I'd argue they should be paid even more. Thank you for posting this info, Norm. The teachers in my school who read it were appalled at the salaries. The UFT leadership is on their minds these days so what you posted is important to them, if not to MrHughesOnline---who by the way still has egg on his face when he assumed I was a chapter leader and that I didn't have the guts to attack BloomKlein. He was wrong on both counts and he is wrong to assume that this story isn't important to the membership. They are reading and talking about it so it must be important to them. Roseanne McCosh PS 8

  8. Thanks Norm for educating anon 8:45 on the true solidarity of the CTU union leadership and its members.

    I can only assume that anon 8:45 has not read the many challenges that CTU has faced with Rahm and his cohorts of billionaire deformers. With all those challenges, CTU, with Karen's union leadership have faced the attacks together as a UNION, not like the UFT where their belief is one for all and all for Unity.

  9. An important point related to the salary schedules here is that Karen and CORE ran on a position of reducing the salaries to bring the leaders more in line with the members. CTU was millions in debt when they took over (by the way - there are stories of big deficits in the UFT right now - salary reduction will be the last thing they do even if the assets go up in smoke.) They cut the outrageous salaries drastically and within a year they balanced the budget. There must be some pain felt on top and when so many people are making so much more than most of the members they feel no pain. They all should face kids on some regular basis. They should be working in schools, not dropping in to stuff leaflet in mail boxes.

  10. Thanks for the education. So explain to me on which fronts the CTU has succeeded. Closing so many schools seems terrible to me. I admittedly do not know much about the benefits of union support. I am busy being screwed in Newark.

    1. When you work in an authoritarian system with a union leadership that aligns with your bosses I define success as a union - one of the only ones in this nation - that takes a stand. Like the old Unity-style leadership they could have made deals. But they put the union on the line - Bloomberg closed more schools with a complicit union which put up placid resistance. Taking a stand and unifying - instead of dividing - the members. That even when under assault they will have your back instead of putting a knife into it. That has gained support of parents and community in what is a vicious struggle in the heart of ed deform. So wilth all the attacks in Chicago at least the teachers are reasonably united. If the CTU were in Newark they might lose the battle but Cami would know she was in a war.

  11. What are they unified over? Being incompetent? Lying?
    I try to explain to teachers in other cities why NYC UFT is so ineffective. The best comparison is Congress. That's what having Unity in power is like--having a Republican congress.

  12. You would not mind if they were actually assisting teachers in need. You pay into the UFT for years and the day you need them”THEY CANT HELP”! Queens UFT is the WORSE! They act like politicians they are tooooo close with the AP’s, Principals’s, and members of the Superintendents offices to really advocate for their members. No one wants to step on toes and challenge the unfair practices of administrators, they don’t want to make waves and loose those large salaries. It’s just so SAD!


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