Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Union Internal Revolts: Activist Barbara Madeloni elected president MA teachers association

Another sign the union winds they are a-changin'.
 - As Leonie points out:
Between this and the CTU rejection of the Common Core, the local teacher unions are getting more aggressive. 
This is an unreported story - the growth of opposition movements inside many teacher unions in reaction to the waffling leadership playing footsie, if not outright backing, ed deform. Of course Leonie can't be talking about the UFT/Unity being more aggressive -- unless it is beating down opposition to their half-century undemocratic rule.

And by the way, what a joke - that recording of Mulgrew saying he will fight ed reform - at the Exec Bd meeting last week he actually used my creation - ed deform. The contract is a model of ed deform. Just think of it - lots of PD, nothing about class size, talk of longer days and years in 200 schools, supporting giving principals total power, killing tenure from above - the ATRs - and underneath - ridiculous extensions of tenure and outright Discontinues. The current contract is violated probably every 10 seconds.

Barbara Madeloni is a hero to many for her battles - read all about it:

She pledges “to roll back corporate assault and reclaim education” http://go.shr.lc/SQYLnU

See Winerip in NYT re her work vs EdTPA http://go.shr.lc/1l96wMa


Pawel Dzienkowski said...

Madeloni's candidacy was a by-product of much agitation and organizing by a progressive caucus inside the MTA called the EDU (Educators for a Democratic Union). Spawned from the remains of the old Peace and Justice Caucus and given new impetus after the MTA's dubious handling of the Stand for Children assault referendum on MA teacher seniority and contract rights, the EDU challenged the status quo of the MTA over numerous issues. Madeloni's election, by no means a mandate, nonetheless signals a sincere desire on the part of much of the MTA to confront the vital need to re-organize on a grass-roots level the structure, purpose and future of teacher unionism. Taking inspiration from other progressive movements, the EDU seeks to fundamentally change the old Bread and Butter business union model into something closer to Lois Weiner's social justice model, standing up fiercely to the corporatization of public education and re-developing union consciousness and power through a long-term strategy. As Barbara likes to say "Fighting is winning." - Pawel Dzienkowski, EDU

ed notes online said...

From the numbers I saw it looked like a very weak turnout - which means there is no real base. So I am not jumping up and down just yet. Also - I don't like using "business union model or bread and butter. The left knows what that means but many of the rank and file would say what's wrong with bread and butter? I think it is a misleading label and strikes of rhetoric.