Sunday, May 18, 2014

UFT Contract: An Attack on Women

The contract proposal is an attack on feminism. 75% of UFT members are woman. The leadership expects the contract to pass because they anticipate that woman are willing and deserve to accept much lower pay in creases than they deserve.... Comment on Ed Notes
After the UFT Brooklyn borough contract meeting, a pregnant teacher came up to ask [Borough Rep] Howie Schoor if anything was added to the contract to help pregnant members and members needing to stay home to take care of their newborns.  Howie had nothing to say...besides trying to make it sound as if the current contract was good enough... report from a teacher present
Is Unity saying "screw you?"
I am not up on how a woman taking time off to take care of her baby will be affected but feel free to enlighten me. 

In the 1995 contract rejection, the raising of maximum salary from 20 to 25 years caused a firestorm, especially from women who had lost years staying home to take care of children. When the contract was rejected, the new number was down to 22 years. Funny, but many looked at that as a gain - down from 25, but in reality it was a loss - up from 20 in the  old contract.

And so it goes with the Unity Caucus shysters running the UFT for the past 64 years -- for those of you who think somehow WeinGrew have led the union astray, believe me it was no different in 1970 when I first became active in the union.

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