Sunday, May 18, 2014

Showing Desperation, Unity Comment Red-Baits and Compares MORE to KKK

“Members deserve more details than we have,” said Peter Lamphere, a math teacher at Gregorio Luperon High School in Manhattan.

“They want it passed, and they want it passed immediately,” said Francis Lewis High School ESL teacher Arthur Goldstein. “I can’t believe the things they get away with.” ... Daily News
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The Daily News once again is stirring the pot. The Memorandum of Agreement tells everything. All employees will get retro pay for the time worked. Of someone is on leave, they will still get retro pay for the time they actually worked.
The teachers you quote, and the lady in red in your photo, are members of the Socialist and Communist led MORE caucus. To quote THEM and their views is like quoting the KKK on Christianity... Meow Meister,

Who are you kidding? Most NYC teachers have been far left leaning since the days of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, and one of them even adopted their kids... James Smith

But the teachers quoted in this article are beyond the far left. They are actual communist party members who want to overthrow the union leadership (who they feel are too right-leaning). They do NOT reflect the views of a vast majority of UFT members. At every UFT delegate assembly meeting, they stand outside on the sidewalk trying to throw the socialist newspapers in our faces. They try to disrupt meetings with their tripe The lady in red is always screaming nonsense at the meetings and has to be ruled out of order by Mulgrew. Once again, these people are to the UFT what the KKK is to Christianity.... Meow Meister 
 Comments on Daily News article on contract.

Lauren Cohen (center), Registered Republican Mike Schirtzer (right)
Lauren Cohen spent years in a school/gulag with an abusive principal while UFT/Unity did nothing. She was booed at NYSUT for mentioning Unity loyalty oath. See video: NYSUT Update: MORE's Lauren Cohen Stands Up to Bully Unity Slugs...

Next time you see Arthur Goldstein, chapter leader of Francis Lewis HS with almost 300 UFT members who elect him, ask him to show you his Communist Party membership card.

Do you think their loyalty oath reads the same as Unity's?


Anonymous said...

Perception is everything. Although I have my doubts about Arthur. I think he is a card-carrying UFT member and maybe a ex-patriot of Brighton Beach.

Anonymous said...

The contract proposal is an attack on feminism. 75% of UFT members are woman. The leadership expects the contract to pass because they anticipate that woman are willing and deserve to accept much lower pay in creases than they deserve.

Anonymous said...

I heard Arthur is a card carrying member of COSTCOS too. Very scary.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely this crap is being foisted on the NYC teaching force because it is comprised of a majority of women. Our work is not valued because it is women's work, and they will accept less. Look at the editor of the times, Abramson, who was just forced out. Her attorney had politely inquired about the disparity in salary and pension with the previous editior, a male. That was what began the ruckus that led to her being shown the door.
No questioning in our American society theee days.

Anonymous said...

As a,women I resent the comment. But I have both a teamster/ sanitation worker and a custodian waiting for us to sign so they can get there's. Every union can't have everything at once it just won't work. Reality is just that.
18%,retro, compounded,no givebacks,time for professional activities that doesn't keep pulling me out of my's good

Anonymous said...

And also a suburbanite with a mortgage.....And he pays taxes!!!!

Would love to know the identity of Meow. I think he is also on Diane's blog as well.

Anonymous said...

No Givebacks?? Did you even read the MOA regarding Health Care. There will be $3 billion in givebacks!!! As a woman I feel I should have the same right as other unions to know exactly what his happening to my health care before I vote on a contract. I do not need Mr. Mulgrew to make those decisions for me or my family. My job is to protect the welfare of my family.

Anonymous said...

Also, the people mentioned in this article did not sign a Loyalty Oath. That is the sign of someone who follows a political view blindly and doesn't follow democratic procedures.