Thursday, May 8, 2014

Portelos Verdict - Despite Enormous DOE Assault and Expense....

Respondent’s admissions, conduct, demeanor and demonstrated commitment to education persuade me that, if given the chance, he can resume his career as a highly effective educator. Finally, the record is replete with evidence of Respondent’s exceptional teaching and abilities from the administration, colleagues, parents and students. After two years of reassignment, it is important that Respondent be returned to the classroom. ... Hearing Officer
We are gratified to report that Francesco Portelos has received his verdict and is still standing. Few would have predicted he would survive a massive assault by DOE Legal, which spent enormous sums to try to get him fired and walks away with a fine - which by the way is still outrageous. But I do get that the hearing officer had to give the DOE something if she wants to continue working. Given their zeal to terminate him, she still may be in danger -- and I will say, all of us found her to very fair and run an excellent ship over 23 days of hearings. I attended 12 days of the hearings and other MOREista retirees were there more often than I. I have 75 pages of notes but I guess they are no longer important.

Now we must help him fight to make sure the DOE follows the orders of the hearing officer and puts him back in his old school and not push him into the ATR pool where we now know that the new contract makes him extremely vulnerable with a big target on his back.

Here is his post:

New post on Educator Fights Back

DOE vs Portelos Termination Verdict Is In 826 Days After They Took Aim to Fire.

by Francesco Portelos
I want to say that I write this with overwhelming glee. I want to say that I write this while in a state of euphoria and with a Kool-Aid smile, but unfortunately I cannot.


Anonymous said...

AWESOME! This news could not have come at a better time. Get him back at his school before the crappy new contract gets voted in by the sheeple.

Anonymous said...

As you stated, it's not over until he is placed. I wish him well.

Anonymous said...

Approximately how much money did this fiasco cost New York City. If NY City can afford to persecute Francesco, then the City can afford to pay us our retroactive pay now.

Francesco Portelos said...

Anonymous, we estimate over $600k. I'm going to be posting a breakdown soon.

Thank you Norm et al for your tremendous support and guidance.