Monday, May 19, 2014

UFT Contract: Comments on Contract/SBO's - Is There a UFT/DOE Conspiracy?

Many teachers are concerned that SBO's are not being approved for anything that does not keep teachers at school until 3:45 on Monday and 3:35 on Tuesday, effectively eliminating any after school programs for kids (and per session pay for teachers) two days a week.

The only thing the UFT and City will say is "all SBO's will be considered" but that does not mean approved... Ms Farina is adamant that "the teachers want the pd"..

No they don't, they are burnt out at 3:00PM and many want to go home, God forbid.
This is not coming from a teacher.


Anonymous said...

Borough rep came in and told us the exact same thing. SBO's for any other timeframe considerations other than the default schedule will most likely be shot down. Why even hold an SBO if it will not be shot down? I thought SBO stood for "School Based Option". If an SBO is allowed in a contract and is approved by a majority of teachers at given school, it should go through. Just another slight of hand trick courtesy of the UFT/DOE.

Anonymous said...

In addition to the staff and principal agreeing to modify the contract all SBO's must be approved by the District Rep and Superintendant, UFT president and Chancellor.Schools cant just do whatever they want.