Thursday, May 15, 2014

Newark Ed Update: Round One: Baraka v. Jeffries, Round Two: Baraka v. Christie

I urge my NYC pals who will be voting on the contract to look closely at the Cami Anderson "Newark One" charter giveaway plan and the consequences for NY Teachers over the next 5 years. Randi sold the teachers of Newark a contract a few years ago. I'm betting the UFT contract contains a hidden mine field - why? Because they always do.

Our correspondent in Newark has recovered from the wild revelry of the Ras Baraka victory to engage in some musings.

My question: Does scandal-beset Christie still have the chops to chop Ras Baraka? I can see the headlines: Bully White Man Tries to Beat up on Democratically Elected Black Man.

From A Newark Teacher

Ras Baraka won round one with a knock out punch to Shavar Jeffries. The hedge fundies did not invest sufficient millions to buy out all of Newark voters and Baraka is mayor-elect.

Round two features Ras Baraka versus Chris Christie. Prior to the mayoral election, Christie hinted at the potential for a State takeover of the budget of the city of Newark with the possibility of rendering Baraka impotent. As a worst case scenario, Baraka would be reduced to a skillful orator lacking the muscle to wrest the Newark Public Schools from the grip of the State take-over and prevented from making financial decisions for his city. The ultimate disaster would consist of Christie clenching the purse strings for both the school district and the city in his gritty palms.

For those who prefer a fairy tale ending, Ras Baraka lived happily ever after in his castle on the banks of the Passaic River. The billionaire backers of Shavar Jeffries retreated quietly to their neighboring kingdoms never to be seen again. Big Bad Wolf Christie purchased Princess Cami Anderson one way tickets for her and her family to a western state where she could bad mouth Newarkers to her heart's content. The people of Newark were forever grateful to the gods for gracing them with control over their schools, their city and their destiny.
A Newark Teacher

Reality Bytes on the election outcomes

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Jersey Jazzman
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Ras Baraka wins

Mayor-elect Ras Baraka
Mayor-elect Ras Baraka

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