Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Video: Newark Student Union Conducts a Sit-in at The Newark Public Schools Board's Budget Meeting and Cami Walks Out Again!

Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Cami Anderson has got to go.
I hope some of you have been following events in Newark. Students are playing a role. Good thing since no one listens to teachers. How nice to see Cami Anderson walk out again. I think she walks out twice.

UPDATES, May 21, Media Links
Cami wanted disruption–and, last night, she got it - Newark’s school superintendent belongs to that tribe of self-proclaimed and irresponsible school reformers who contend public schools must be “disrupted” b... 






Remember, Anderson tried to get a tenure waiver so she can fire any teacher whose shirt she doesn't like but was rebuffed.

The state union - which is NEA while Newark is AFT is going to court over Christie's putting up traffic cones around teacher pensions.



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