Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Former Unity Caucus Member: Arthur Goldstein is telling the truth about loyalty oaths

Loyalty to the truth rather than Unity makes for better sleeping at night... Roseanne McCosh, PS 8X, former Unity Caucus member
This is in response to attacks on Arthur challenging whether there is a loyalty oath. Remember when Lauren Cohen mentioned the loyalty oath at the NYSUT convention? They started booing her. Touchy, touchy, touchy.

There are Unity Caucus people who agree with us. I know because they tell me. And I think there are  more and more people in the Unity closet who would jump to the opposition if it every shows viability. I know that they never had respect for the opposition in the past, especially New Action - I watched them disparage NAC for years at Ex Bd meetings. Now that they are partners things are a little more subtle. The other night at the UFT Ex Bd meeting, there were 15 MOREistas there - the first time MORE showed up - and an interesting dialogue took place with Mulgrew that surprised a lot of people, including me. But more on that meeting later on.
One of the big fears at the top is that if MORE ever reaches a critical mass -- and to me that is a third of the working teacher vote in an election - like CORE did in their first election -- that is a game changer. (Ignore the retiree issue until MORE gets to first base.)

Until this email from Roseanne, one of my favorite correspondents, came in the other day, I hadn't realized she was in Unity at one time.
Arthur Goldstein is telling the truth about Unity loyalty oaths. I can attest to the loyalty oath.  I joined Unity when I was a much younger and less informed  UFT member and a relatively new chapter leader.  I was nominated by my DR. We even attended a meeting/dinner at a nice restaurant with Randi and her right hand man near Washington Square Park to be initiated into Unity.  Not only did I sign the oath but I also distinctly remember this guy's words when he spoke. 
He said if we disagree with Randi, we are not bad people but we can't join Unity.  I can't remember his name off hand.  I signed the damn oath myself so it definitely exists. 
I stopped paying my Unity dues years ago and started speaking up when I realized we were being led around by the nose.  Loyalty to the truth rather than Unity makes for better sleeping at night.  I might still be a Unity member---who knows---who cares.  ...... Roseanne McCosh, PS 8x


Michael Fiorillo said...

The nastiness and faux outrage of some Unity members about this is clearly based on the embarrassment they feel for having signed away their judgement and consciences.

Their embarrassment is doubly deserved, since Arthur published a copy of the oath itself, showing what little integrity some of these folks have.

Gee, it's incredible what some people will do to themselves and others in exchange for a junket every two years...

Anonymous said...

Probably was Jeff Zahler

Anonymous said...

Norm enough with the Oath already. There is no Oath. There is a set of beliefs. Just like New Action, Ice, TJC and the Movement of Radical Educators all have a set of beliefs. Of course the red shirted Mores have to get there beliefs approved by the mother country.

Roseanne is talking about some sort of ceremony. When will you guys cut it out. Next you are going to about a flame, knife, gun and a burning picture of Saint Albert.

ed notes online said...

Why don't you share your set of beliefs that bring Unity under the tent? Let's see - trip to Seattle, free weekend at the NY Hilton, that upcoming trip to LA (one of your crew told me - had to vote your way at NYSUT or lose LA trip), that part-time staffer job. Did I leave anything out?

Anonymous said...

What Roseanne is talking about is a signed oath. And being Roseanne, I damn well know what I signed. Roseanne McCosh, PS 8x