Thursday, August 23, 2007

Klein's New Digs and Charlie Rose (updated)

Being Chancellor is nice work if you can get it.

"He and his wife Nicole Seligman, a Sony executive vice president (and an ex-lawyer for both Oliver North and Bill Clinton) have paid $1.7 million for their second apartment at 95-year-old 565 Park Avenue."

"if Hillary Clinton wins the White House, don't be surprised if Joel Klein and Nicole Seligman leave the moneyed precincts of Park Avenue for the less lucrative, but no less powerful, streets of Washington."

Weingarten still earns 100 grand more than Klein. They can all party in Washington, or maybe at cabinet meetings. Check out the "Boy Did You Guys Get It Wrong" post. And she has just a few connections to the Clintons too. More proof that Weingarten and Klein were separated at birth.

Also check out Charlie Rose's suck-up job on Klein. Go there and leave a comment. I left the following comment:
"Outrageous piece of work where a biased one-sided point of view is expressed. As someone who is very familiar with the NYC education scene (, seeing this lack of balance makes me question every other report Mr. Rose presents. Mr. Rose should put together a panel of people like Leonie Haimson and Patrick Sullivan, NYC parents who have stood up to Mr. Klein and have exposed the major fault lines in his administration. Klein has lost the confidence of an overwhelming majority of teachers. In the so-called business model for education Klein is pushing, such a performance would lead the end of a CEO's tenure. Mr. Rose should include in his panel rank and file teachers (as opposed to union leaders who are as far away from the classroom as is Mr. Klein) who will provide a balanced picture of the level of devastation that has taken place in the schools under Mr. Klein's tenure.

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