Saturday, May 31, 2014

My Friday: Hot Yoga, Set Construction at Rockaway Theatre Co, MORE Happy Hour

This past Friday I had a busier day than I had when I was working. I need a break. If I unretire and go back to the DOE can I get that thousand buck bonus if I vote YES on the contract?

So hot yoga - Bikram yoga - is one of the harder things to do and after losing 3-5 pounds in an hour and a half (and gaining it all back) you feel parts of your body are no longer connected. I would be the Tin Man without lube if not for these classes. A little nosh and and hydrating and it was off to ....

....the Rockaway Theatre Company to work with Tony and the crew putting up the sets for the July opening of Gypsy (in which I have a small walk-on). (We took down the old sets on Monday). I learn a lot from Tony - who often says - Don't do this at home - this is a temp set made to come down. They had a lot done by the time I got there and there was only minor stuff to do. Tony called it a day around 2PM and I went home to change before heading to...

...the MORE happy hour on the lower east side where I did not expect a big turnout and was chewing myself out for leaving Rockaway on a nice day, especially since it was my wife's mah jong day and she wasn't around to give me honey do's. But when an ATR who is an ed notes reader showed up and bought me a beer as thanks for doing the blog, my perspective changed.... (to be continued)

Saturday was a full day at the Rockaway Theatre Company cleanup where a gaggle of RTCers of all ages showed up to clean up, while the set construction crew worked all day. Though I spent a lot of time eating from the fab buffet they set out. So many people worked so hard - all as volunteers. Frankie, my former acting teacher (he's now all of 25) was there as the set designer. He is finishing his first year teaching at a Brooklyn middle school -- he said people were against the contract but guessed that most would vote for it --- he never heard of MORE. As I've often pointed out -- many people involved in the RTC are current and former teachers and their interest lies in the theater - union politics don't count for much to them (except for the crew who teach at Leon Goldstein). Any opposition must recognize this reality -- most people don't give much of a crap -- but their consciousness is raised at contract time. That is what we have been seeing recently and will for a time. But after the contract vote is over will the collective consciousness raised in the UFT over the past few weeks sink?

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