Saturday, May 10, 2014

Portelos an ATR as DOE Violates Hearing Officer Mandate - Which is OK With UFT

For those of you who are voting YES on the contract and don't think things can be fixed if we send the negotiating committee back to the bargaining table -- how about all the loopholes and leavouts in our current - and future contract? I have a list - starting with curbing the unfettered power of principals.

Here is the irony that Francesco was the legal chapter leader of IS 49SI, the only bulwark for the staff against a bully principal - who is castigated in the arbitrator's report. So right after the decision basically exonerating him and ordering him to be put back in the classroom in his school, the DOE instigates another battle by removing the legally elected CL (the UFT will just sit by) and making him an ATR with a big target on his back.

As P put it -- they couldn't get him after over 800 days but now the UFT is agreeing to an ATR set-up deal that will allow them to get rid of him in 50 days.

How many principals are out there waiting to put P's pelt on their belt. Imagine how many ways they can create unprofessional behavior -- Portelos -- clean the lunchroom floor with a toothbrush.

Well, the good thing is that P has put everyone on notice - every single thing they pull will be out there for the world to read and yes, if they fool around we will make their names mud.

On the other hand, while P is fighting to get back to his old dysfunctional school (which might be the only sign I've seen of him being nuts) he will be able to traipse around many schools on Staten Island proving to every principal he is not only sane and rational, but an amazing resource -- and this will come back to bite them as their "insanity" campaign will be refuted. Any sane principal would fight to hire him -- but I don't think there are many sane ones around.

How many people have said they made a mistake voting for the 2005 contract?

Truly, here is what I hope -- that people who vote YES for this contract find themselves in this situation and come crying for help and find the UFT won't help. Truly, my response would be FUCK YOU!

You are receiving this email because you are currently in the Absent Teacher Reserve. Included in this email is your school assignment for the upcoming week. You should report to the below location unless you are otherwise notified of an assignment change via or by phone.
Timekeeping and Attendance
Your assignment school is responsible for your timekeeping during this period, so you should provide them with the required documentation pertaining to any absences. If you cannot report for any given day, please contact the school so that they can plan accordingly. If you do not report to your assigned school, you will be marked absent and your timekeeping will be updated.
Below is your official assignment for the period of 5/12/2014 to 5/16/2014.  Please report to the following school:
School InformationSchool: 31R004

School Name: P.S. 004 Maurice Wollin (R004)
Address1: 200 NEDRA LANE, Staten Island, NY 10312
School Phone: 718-984-1197
Contact Name (if applicable): NA
Reporting Instructions
If you have any questions regarding your assignment, please contact HR Connect at 718-935-4000.
Teacher Hiring Support
NYC Department of Education

Francesco to the union:
Date: Fri, May 9, 2014 at 2:30 PM
Subject: My ATR Assignment
To:,, Sean Rotkowitz <>, Debra Penny <>, Leroy Barr <>, Wendy Star <>, Christopher Callagy <>, Claude Hersh <>, Bryan Glass <>

    I know you are all busy with contact negotiations, but this needs attention as well. No grievances and all that year long battle to put me back to my original school. I don't want that route.
What I want is see written policy, that can be furnished, that shows the DOE can move me to ATR status after a decision like the one I received.
I was voted chapter leader after my removal.
I dodged three to four recall attempts.
We won an arbitration and supreme court confirmation.
The arbitrator noted my cordial and professional in person meeting the principal.
Please keep me in the loop of communication with the department. grievance. PERB.

Francesco Portelos
IS 49 UFT Chapter Leader

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Anonymous said...

Unfucking believable!

Is this Stalinist Russia?

Nazi Germany?

The Khmer Rouge?

Are you getting a clear portrayal of

weakened tenure - due process


Are you still voting in favor of the


Click your heels together and soon

you will be back in Kansas Dorothy!

Do you think bad things cannot

happen to you?