Thursday, May 1, 2014

Even more Louis CK Tweets this time about CC and "Bill Hates"!!!

I'm not that much aware of Louis C.K., whose daughter attends a public elementary school in Manhattan. I know he uses lots of unprintable words. So holy shit, how great are these tweets?

  1. didn't mean to write Bill hates. I meant to write "doody faced rich guy". Oh just kidding. Alright I'm done. Go ahead and rip my head off.
  2. Lastly these are my views as a parent. I'm sure I'm wrong about some of it. Does that mean you're wrong about none o it? Peace.
  3. The test are written to CCSS standards. The teachers are forced to deliver high scores to those tests. Why pretend that cc has zero fault?
  4. Everything important is worth doing carefully. None of this feels careful to me.
  5. I trust a teacher over Pearson or bill hates any day of the week. Don't all be so defensive and don't be such bullies.
  6. Teachers are underpaid. They teach for the love of it. Let them find the good in cc without the testing guns to their and our kids heads.
  7. 1st step to learn: Amit you're wrong. Listen improve your understanding. Let teachers decide how to guide kids to these new ideas
  8. It's arrogant and hurts the goals of CCSS. CCSS is not perfect. You want to teach kids to think and reason. Try it yourself first.
  9. CCSS. It's a new program. why defend it aS perfect? Why let poor test writers profit and tell parents and teachers they are "wrong".
  10. Kids teachers parents are vocally suffering. Doesnt that matter? listen to them. Adapt and slow down CCSS. Cool it with the testing
  11. I never said that CCSS is all bad. But in NYC it wasn't rolled out, but adopted through High stakes poorly written tests.

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