Thursday, June 3, 2021

Former UFT High-Up reveals thinking about Dem Progressives, echoing Pelosi and Dem Center-right - Prep for Attack on opposition next year

If you don't think there's war has been and is brewing - and will continue to brew in the Dem Party -- this one's for you.

In a listserve discussion of mayoral candidates, those in support of charters were being identified and echoing one of her blog posts, Diane Ravitch said,  "Morales said she favors school choice, so strike her. "  

Note: On the debate Morales took the strongest stand AGAINST charters, but some progressives have doubted her true commitment.

But then this comment came from a now retired person who was very tight with the UFT hierarchy until retirement:

She [Morales] should not even be a candidate...thank the so-called circular firing squad Dem progressives that are driving our City into the ground more than any GOP ever did!

Yes there is much disdain for progressives inside the UFT leadership and Unity Caucus. You can see that on social media where Unity hacks chime in to challenge progressive ideas --- and all of them echo the same talking points - it's like Unity has its own FOX news propaganda channel. Oh, that's the NY Teacher. Thank goodness no one reads it.
So imagine how they view the opposition, which varies on various levels of the left

--  if there is a credible threat to Unity in next year's UFT elections, just watch the fur fly with red-baiting  ala Republican playbook - being played out. In fact Trump may be writing the Unity script - and if the opposition every did win, Unity will be calling Stop the Steal and invade the Delegate Assembly by climbing the walls of 52 Broadway with grappling tools.



  1. "Progressivism" is arrested development. The Dems are imploding under the weight.

  2. Never heard of her. How high up could she have been?

    I'm for a higher minimum wage, and I'm against charter schools. I guess if I was for a lower minimum wage, and in favor of charters, I might want to stay anonymous. Like the poster above me...

    1. Oh you definitely know her. Behind scenes but prominent. I’ll whisper it privately because I like her and don’t want to embsrss her.


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