Thursday, November 3, 2016

Exploring Post Nov. 8 Landscape and Threats: Trump Attracts Veterans and Some Former Obama Supportors

Can military vets who support Trump end up as a closet private army? Will be get a home-grown version of Germany's Brown shirts? Will vets and right wing extremists become a post-election para-military force? Police and FBI hate Hillary. We know in other countries the police forces often become the leaders of these type of forces.

That was my thought when I read a piece in today's Times:

Veterans, Feeling Abandoned, Stand by Donald Trump

This is a follow-up to my earlier post today on the impact of the defense budget on our economy and our lives - Massive Defense Spending or Why We Have Lousy Infrastructure Compared to Other Nations.

I neglected to include that what I mean by infrastructure includes social and safety net infrastructure which comes under attack by right and also came under attack by the Clinton centrist Democrats.
Looking backward, the era of building a safety net ended with Lyndon Johnson and was ruined by the Vietnam War.

Thinking post election: If Clinton gets in she continues the same tone-deaf aggressive American presence world-wide. Trump, though not coherent, does offer some possibility of the first change in policy since WWII - though of course I don't believe him. But others do - The vets make some important points - how Trump has touched on issues ignored by both parties. How they don't feel comfortable in the left anti-war movements which they may feel disparages their efforts and calls them war criminals. Trump, as I pointed out this morning, has been willing to blame George Bush and Republicans for the disaster in Iraq.

And then there is this piece in today's Times:

Mr. Trump has even attracted some black voters who were inspired by Mr. Obama's ... the headline: Some Voters Attracted to Obama's Call for Change Find It Now in Trump.

Do not disparage the type of appeals that work for Trump - and especially people on the left. Bernie touched on some of the same issues. If a coalition could be build outside both party structures we may be on to something, though the chances of that are almost nil -- but in today's world I'll take "almost nil."


  1. Trump wins and we have our hands full in public education. I heard good news earlier in that if Trump does win yes he will be for more charters and private schools but the federal gov only plays a small part in the funding of public schools - somewhere around 7-8 percent of total budget as the rest is supplied locally and state. Can anyone confirm this? I believe we really need to understand this as corrupt hillary is almost done and her spy assistant huma abedin is on her way to saudi arabia with a berka on.

  2. How do I sign up for Nonpartisan Deplorables United?

    Abigail Shure


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