Thursday, September 28, 2017

Councilman Danny Dromm Hearing on Adult Ed Issues

Betty Gottfried—Adult Ed. ex CL—speaks of fight in adult ed., says union has given good attention. Says 12 teachers who were pushed out have testified, urges leaders to watch video. Says teachers were magnificent. Says Danny Drumm watched and complimented teachers. Says Sterling Roberson wants more input from adult ed. teachers and that is a very welcome statement.  Reads statement from 1992 as example of participating chapter, asks for return to that. Thanks Mulgrew for involvement. Says he listens..... Arthur Goldstein notes from Sept. 25 EB meeting
I like Betty. But she is being generous about the response of the UFT, which has put one of the worst reps in charge of Adult Ed. [I have another blog post coming with more details.] I seem to be one of the few who want to call out UFT people who fuck up -- the leadership joined the teacher "accountability" bandwagon -- they should be held to even stricter standards.

UFT leadership has refused to publicize adult ed issues until MORE and bloggers began to partner with them in getting the story out. Here is one more as the heat on the DOE rises.

MORE was sent this from an Adult Ed teacher re: the Dromm hearing:
Council Member Danny Dromm from Queens held a hearing on adult ed and our infamous superintendent Mills' boss, Laura Feijoo, was there. CM Dromm did an excellent job interrogating Ms. Feijoo and she and Mills' data guy, Vernon Kellman, were not equipped for the questions and confrontation.

We thought you might enjoy the hearing. We certainly did. 9 people came out publicly about the mismanagement of the OACE at the hands of Mills. And several more wrote anonymous written testimony to Dromm's office. We are hoping this is the beginning of some much needed changes within the OACE.

Thank you for all your support along the way. It was invaluable to us.

Please watch!
Hello you all, that was amazing!!! In case you haven't had enough, here is the video, fresh off the presses. Sorry everyone couldn't be there. I counted 14. Dromm said it's the most he's ever had. Thanks to EVERYONE who played a part in this. xoxox to you all and anyone who hasn't yet sent in testimony, you still have 5 days from today!


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