Monday, June 22, 2020

Bowman/Engel Battle - Countering Right wing/Republcan PAC Attacks

The progressive education community of which Jamaal Bowman has been part of for years, is supporting him. But the UFT leadership is not - no surprises as the words "progressive" and "UFT leadership" are antonyms.

There are unfair attacks on Bowman, many of them funded by two right-wing pro-Israel PACs.

From Janine Sopp on NYCEd listserve:
"The level some will stoop to bring down a rising human who will work tirelessly for the good of all people. Let's bust every misinformed narrative.
There has been a wealth of media coverage on these attacks, some of them here:

Jamaal wrote this excellent letter about his position on Israel and Palestinian rights.  I suggest that people share this letter widely with friends in the district who otherwise may be influenced by these attacks.

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  1. I was working with college age folks a couple of days ago, giving out Jamaal Bowman material on Johnson Ave. in the Bronx (a block from Engel's district office) when a 60-ish passerby wearing a yarmulke said "I will never vote for an anti-Semite." I couldn't help myself and countered: Sir, have you read the Torah lately? Did you skip the Prophets and the part about social justice?


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