Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Video: We've Got The Power - Vote Them Out


This Trump administration is just too much. We couldn't just sit in our basements on our unemployed asses, watching the news, the debates, and just about everything happening in our failing democracy. It was hard to refrain from throwing something at the President of the U.S. and those smug self-serving Senators on the screens. We had to do something. Instead of breaking something expensive we created a song. And our friends created a video. If there are kids in the room, you might want to play our other, slightly cleaner, version. (We've Got The Power [Clean Version] https://youtu.be/jZSguzT0rwY
Thank you. Mothers of Exile


  1. This should read: "We've got the media" let's vote them out. Most of the 'woke' people in the streets don't even know there are 3 branches of government. That is a fact.

  2. Right. But will finish five million votes behind. That’s democracy. Minority rule forever.

  3. The constitution kinda gets in the way a bit Norm.

  4. Trump will win the popular vote. An uprising is happening and it aint BLM.


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