Thursday, December 14, 2006

ICE to Disband After Contract Vote - Will Join New Action

With the UFT leadership demonstrating such overwhelming strength in its 9-1 victory on the contract vote, the Independent Community of Educators (ICE) has decided to disband and join New Action en masse. New Action and Unity have tightened security at the borders to allow for an orderly retreat. A spokeperson for ICE said, "This is it for us. The Unity onslaught is relentless and we can't take it anymore. From now on we will just attend Executive Board meetings to eat. At least we won't have to worry about that Polonium stuff they've been sneaking into our portions." ICE will be putting its entire stockpile of nuclear weapons up for sale on E-Bay.


  1. ICE melts. It doesn't disband. In actuality a secret underground ICE group is forming. Rumors are that they will resurface as the Group Last Acting Cautiously In Eradicating Randi or G.L.A.C.I.E.R.

    The new GLACIER will, despite global warming, cause a 2nd ICE age. Stay tuned for details.

  2. INMJN,
    You are clearly demented, a sure sign you must have voted NO on the contract. Unity has gotten the DOE to issue a directive that all 7800 people like you who voted NO will be examined by the crack DOE shrinks and sent to rubber rooms, specially insultated to contain the ICE GLACIER. The new ICE GLACIER will also be met by hordes of Unity/New Action tossing pots of hot water.

  3. A clear sign that ICE is waking up. A real sense of humor. Thanks Norm. Usually I go over to UTP for some great laughs. People in the union are looking for a pragmatic caucus that responds to the democratic wishes of the members. nuff said.

  4. Dear datruth,
    Feel free to jump in helping to build such a caucus, or rather a bunch of caucuses that can ally when it is important. Ed Notes is not ICE but has been more like a clearing point for all the people opposed to unity to gather. There are so many points of view and the line between pragmatism and idealism is hard to define. In the light of that, I'm sorry ICE gave up their nuclear deterrent. Got any polonium stashed away? Ooops! That should get the dept of homeland security down here.


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