Wednesday, December 20, 2006

NEA Attack on anti-NCLB petition - a response

This is an interesting development since the AFT cooperated in developing NCLB. Ed Notes was on the case from the beginning, criticizing Sandra Feldman and Randi Weingarten for being part of a process that could only increase drastically the impact of high stakes testing. The NEA staid on the sidelines and lobbed critiques.

Where is the AFT on the issue? (And to think, the NEA is supposedly more democratic than the AFT. But then again, as the recent NY Sun article pointed out, the UFT's Randi Weingarten will be the next AFT President whenever she wants the job - that ought to solve the democracy problem.) Recently, Weingarten has been making some noise about NCLB, testing, etc. But that may only be the usual noise. She formed a task force, the usual response of politicians to make it seem they are doing something. Of course, she formed a previous task force on testing years ago that disappeared into the jaws of UFT bureacracy. The behind the scenes guy on both was UFT staffer Joe Colletti. If you see him, ask him if they hid the first task force with the weapons of mass destruction.

An Open Letter to the Rank and File Members of the National Education Association

Check out the ICE blog on high stakes testing for the full text of the letter.

Please direct all inquiries to Dr. Philip Kovacs, Director of the Educator Roundtable, at .

Cartoon courtesy of Susan Ohanian web site.

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