Saturday, June 23, 2007

Who are these people...

... and why is that guy lurking in the rear right?

I've been out of touch for a few days. Been up in Manchester, NH for a meeting at FIRST HQ where people from all over the nation and from Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Thailand, Denmark and other places I can't remember, who are involved with robotics, gathered. The guys from Japan are running an Asian Open FLL tournament in Tokyo in April '08. I already signed up as a volunteer. Konichiwa to you.

We had some NYC teachers who were released by their schools with us. (Some very interesting conversations between teachers in their 20's and the 60-somethings, where we managed to solve most of the world's problems.) The whole gang gathered in front of the hotel to watch the shuttle and space station pass by one night. And we got to tool around in the parking lot on a Segway.

A rare treat was a visit to FIRST founder Dean Kamen's (that's him in front) house for dinner - for 70. We ate in the helicopter hanger. The rest of the house? Oy vey!

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