Thursday, June 28, 2007

Why I Have Indigestion

Thirty years ago, many of our friends got involved in making a film directed by Mark Rosenhaft, now the co-owner of Central Vision Care in Cedarhurst, Long Island (plug, plug, plug - and they take the UFT plan). We took a long hiatus, but Mark and I have been working on a few film ventures recently, our most current being "Dispatch" about a car service in Rockaway, working alongside filmmaker Robert Sarnoff (a retired NYC teacher), whose boxing movie "The Irish Ropes" is getting a lot of buzz.

The original 30 year old film, naturally called "The Rosenhaft Chronicles," shot in Super 8, has been making a comeback and segments have been popping up on you-tube. Here's one - grainy, but if you can peer through the grain, check it out:

That famous chef, Julia Grownup, makes my favorite dessert, Chocolate Mouse. That she happens to be my wife explains why I sometimes have indigestion. I play the mouse trap.

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