Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Unsocialized Promotion

Lots of reporting going on today over the politically tinged BloomKlein announcement they were going to end socialized promotion in 4th and 6th grades. Who knew Bloomberg was a socialist?

Never mind.

NYC Educator lays it on in his inimical way
Bloomberg Ends Social Promotion, Makes Tests So Easy Your Dog Can Pass Them

Followed by Leonie Haimson with the research to back up what she is saying.
The Mayor commits educational malpractice, once again

Maura Walz at Gotham Schools calls it "Shooting Blind."
Social promotion’s effect in New York City still largely unknown

Mulgrew over at the UFT basically approves ("Adding the fourth and sixth grades to the city's promotion policy is clearly a step in the right direction.") with the usual whine that he hopes the kids who are left back get the help they need - wink, wink.

Oh, we know what help that means.

Credit recovery, easy tests, phony stats, mirror fogging 101.

Kids managing to not get promoted, will have their families given a one way ticket to anywhere but here by Bloomie.

Out Takes
ICE is setting up a special blog focused on the upcoming UFT elections in January 2010. ICE will be working with TJC again and is also working to incorporate people from other non-caucus activist groups. Elements of the platform should be released soon.

Needed: people to distribute materials to people in their schools, both hard copy and through email and to be an advocate for the slate. Also people to run for AFT/NYSUT delegate (800 positions available). Don't worry about winning any of these as Unity has stacked the deck to make sure they dominate the AFT and NYSUT with their "winner take all" rules. Email iceuft@gmail.com if interested.

Warning: If there was a vigorous opposition to Unity Caucus, Unity Caucus would not have been able to force so many bad policies down the throats of the rank and file. The reality of the current UFT undemocratic structure, precludes winning many positions. This is about growing an opposition - building the infrastructure so that the UFT/Unity leadership will be dragged into making the democratic changes needed. The battleground starts in your own schools.


  1. these latest rants make even less sense than usual. nice job!

  2. I really take issue with the fact that the writer of this piece opposes efforts to end social promotion. Social promotion is a big problem in many schools.

  3. I respond to anon 8:38 in my latest post. To anon 11:12- reading senseless rants is bad for your health. Have a stiff drink instead.


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