Sunday, August 16, 2009

Town Hall Meetings Urge NY State Legislature to Pull the Plug

August, 2015

Raucous town hall meetings have been springing up in all boroughs of New York City urging NY State legislators who supported the extension of mayoral control six years ago in 2009 to finally pull the plug.

Angry citizens have gathered to attack local politicians, most of whom have abandoned the sham and have openly been on the payroll of 4th term mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has announced he intends to serve as mayor for life after cancelling all future elections. The mayor has designated his daughter Georgina as the next mayor to succeed him.

Copy cat town halls have also followed President Obama and his 5th education secretary, Sarah Palin, to also pull the plug on their support for mayoral control, charter schools, merit pay and all the other market based education deform gimmicks that have proven to be such a failure.

Obama's was constantly reminded how his now long forgotten first education secretary, Arne Duncan, (currently commissioner of a minor league basketball association formerly run by disgraced NY Knicks general manager Isiah Thomas) forced states to adopt the deform agenda or have the education stimulus package withheld.

With all states succumbing, the result was that every child in the nation has become proficient in all skills based on the results of 10 True False questions, where either answer was correct. The entire system came crashing down when it was discovered that 92% of the children in America were found to be pulling doors when in fact the sign said "push."

Duncan, in a candid interview, admitted all that was accomplished was that his package was stimulated by Palin.

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  1. Check South Bronx School! A phoney doctorate is now the LEAST of DR Willon's problems! Another false witness at another phoney 3020a.


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