Friday, October 29, 2010

Do you work in one of the 47 schools slated for closing? Seeking Teachers to Mobilize Students in These Schools

Do you work in one of the 47 schools slated for closing? The Urban Youth Collaborative is seeking teachers who can help UYC organize the students in those schools to fight back! Contact Hiram Rivera at: or 212-328-9256

UYC's call to teachers is below:

The DOE has announced the names of the 47 schools they plan on closing...47!  The Urban Youth Collaborative has committed to working with teachers, students, & parents on stopping these closings. In order for us to do that, we would need to identify teachers in those schools willing to identify student leaders and students willing to organize in their schools to save their schools. Because we're a collaborative of high school students, we're looking to organize groups in high schools. Our parent organizers (NYC Coalition for Educational Justice) are going to be organizing middle and elementary schools.

Here's the list of high schools slated to be closed. Can you please help us by identifying teachers and/or students in these schools who you think would be open to letting us come and help organize students in their high schools:

The Bronx

Christopher Columbus

Monroe Acadmey for Business & Law

Fordham Leadership Academy

Grace H. Dodge Career & Tech

Jane Addams HS for Academics and Careers

John F. Kennedy HS


Beach Channel


August Martin

Grover Cleveland

John Adams


Richmond Hill


Metropolitan Corporate Academy

Paul Roberson

William H. Maxwell

Boys & Girls

John Dewey

Sheepshead Bay


Norman ThomasHS for Graphic Communication Arts

Washington Irving

For more info contact Hiram: or 212-328-9256

Thank you.


  1. Not only should those teachers and students from the closing schools participate, but send out flyers and emails to all in the community to help and participate in this crusade.

    Please correct the names of the following schools:

    Correct names: Jane Addams High School for Academics and Careers and John F. Kennedy High School

    Thank you and I plan to be involved in this fight. I receive emails from you so I'll be in contact.

  2. I say, if you work in any of those schools feel free to seek moderately gainful employment in the Smellington Charter School, slated to open this coming September. You won't have to trouble yourself with closing as we will be a 24/7 operation.



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