Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Randi/Mulgrew, NY State Ed Commissioner Elia, Nukes Teacher Contracts

MaryEllen Elia Launches Attack on Buffalo Teachers... PJSTA

Deformers carpet bomb teacher unions
Reality Based Educator at Perdido Street School (Lawsuit Over Elia/Cuomo Unions Busting To Have National Implications):
In the spring Andrew Cuomo pushed through a school receivership law that allows the state to take control of "struggling" and "persistently struggling" schools and supersede the union contracts for teachers at those schools. This week NYSED Commissioner MaryEllen Elia gave the Buffalo schools superintendent the power to "circumvent" union contracts at five Buffalo schools. The Buffalo News reports the Buffalo Teachers Federation is planning to sue over the move and the lawsuit will have national implications......
Remember -- Elia is a Randi/Mulgrew pal -- she was one of their stars in their partnership with Bill Gates and her in Hillsborough at the AFT 2010 Seattle convention - I have video to prove it but am too lazy to dig it out -- which was put deep in debt and they chased Elia out on a rail - and Randi got her the gig here so she can negate teacher contracts. How perfect.

In my own Ed Notes posts
I pointed to the coming conflagration and this story dovetails perfectly. As for most NYC teachers and support staff being oblivious, when you have the major organs of communications controlled by the union who feed the members pablum and hide the real truth from them, what can you expect?

That is why my major focus in terms of MORE is creating methods of communication with the majority of working members to counter the Unity line. And the more votes MORE gets in the election the less MulGarten will sell us out - or be more careful about doing so. But more on that later.

The Buffalo Teacher Union will sue, but we know the courts are stacked against us.

Beth Dimino, president of Port Jefferson Station TU and a leader of the statewide opposition ST Caucus to Unity in her PJSTA piece said:
I am hoping the events in Buffalo are the impetus for mass organizing by NYSUT or, at the very least, STCaucus.  Without the rank and file organizing at the general membership level New York’s teachers will continue to be unprepared to take the collective action necessary to defeat an agenda such as the one we face now.  
I can hope too - but when you have Quisling leaders, hope only goes so far.

Click here to read the PJSTA’s resolution in opposition to receivership that the executive board passed last month.

Our pal Sean Crowley goes for the jugular.

NYSED Commissoner Elia Fires a Shot Heard Round the World. And B-Lo Will Answer. 
Well it didn't take long for the forces of corporate ed reform to fire their first volley at B-Lo Public Schools. Fresh from burying Hillsborough County Florida's school system in a $20-$40 million dollar hole after a Faustian deal with Bill Gates, MaryEllen Elia has been subcontracted to do more damage on a much wider scale here in the Empire State. Isn't it interesting the way the ed reform class shuffles its muscle from place to place until they end up beetling over their base as Barbara Byrd Bennett did in Chicago. Looks like B3 is headed to the Stoney Lonesome. Curious to see if she gets paroled before Elia gets yet another brown parachute, this time from New York State.

UFT/Unity UberSlug Mulgrew among others actively working against WFP and colluding with other  "labor" goon squads to date rape WFP into submission and capitulation ending in a disingenuous and hollow endorsement of Cuomo. High on our list of backstabbing "friends" there's AFT Empress for Life Randi Weingarten who glibly robocalled on behalf of Kathy Hochul and Cuomo doing her best lawyerly parsing of the betrayal claiming that she wasn't calling on behalf of Cuomo but just for Hochul. I am reminded of Bill Clinton in Lewinskean disgrace saying something to the effect of "define is." It didn't fly then and it didn't fly when Weingarten did it either. You robocalled for the Cuomo ticket Randi.


  1. Randi Weingarten praised the appointment of MaryEllen Elia on May 16th.

    Was it because of Elia's promotion of the Gates agenda in Hillsborough, FL before she was dumped as Superintendent there?

  2. Beth Dimino doesn't write the PJSTA blog ;)


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