Saturday, November 14, 2015

Coockoo Nest Cast Photo by Danielle Rose Fischer and John Panepinto Plus Rockaway Times Story

I made it through opening night and managed to get my  lines straight - and managed to find my old teacher voice. Then went out with the great cast to a diner. Up until 1:30 AM. Now have to go back over those lines for tonight and again for Sunday matinee. No one ever said theater is not hard work even if you have a small part. Due to content no one under 16 admitted without a cast but we have to amazing 13 year olds doing a lot of heavy lifting to make the show run smoothly.

The Rockaway Times - the other newspaper to The Wave here in Rockaway did a great piece on the show and I am quoted. Not the takeoff on the mayor using McMurphy. 

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