Sunday, September 4, 2016

John Oliver take down of charter schools - Over 5 Million Views - Charter Lobby on Attack

I'm sure ed notes readers have seen the John Oliver charter school video take down.

Leonie had some comments on her blog. Here are excerpts with links.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Charter privateers on the defensive but not giving up on their Orwellian takeover schemes

It's been a hard few weeks for the charter lobby.  First, members of the NAACP overwhelming approve a resolution calling for a national moratorium on charter schools.

Then, the Black Lives Matters movement called for an end to the privatization of our schools:

John Oliver on HBO's Last Week Tonight did a terrific take down of the corruption and chaos that charters bring to our public school system.

John Oliver's satires can be quite influential.

See how his critique  of testing companies in 2015, including the infamous Pearson Pineapple, helped influence parents to turn against standardized testing in a nationwide survey:

But don't feel too bad for the charter lobby. Backed by millions of dollars of "dark money" from right wing corporate interests and Wall St. hedgefunders, they aren't giving up.

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