Friday, September 9, 2016

Some NYC principals use 'Limited Access Letters' to ban activist Parents

A little-known letter that's supposed to be used to protect schools from unruly parents in the wake of aggressive incidents is actually being used to unfairly silence outspoken parents in low-income black and Hispanic schools, critics say. "Limited access letters," which an Education Department staffer advised should only be used in case of a “serious incident at the school that required the involvement of School Safety Agents,” have been given out without any apparent oversight or supervision to parents across the city, DNAinfo New York has learned. The letters, which effectively serve as temporary restraining orders against parents, can be given out by principals or superintendents who feel a parent has threatened them or a staffer in some way..... DNAInfo
Much like the power principals have over untenured to make them disappear through discontinuence, they can do the same to parents.
This fits totally in line with the Farina authoritarian model of "my way or the highway."

The blueprint for principals to gain total political control of their schools includes controlling and removing resistant parents and teachers. While they have enormous power over teachers, parents who don't go along either have to be bribed or removed. Now you can't make them move though you could try to get their kids out by ising charter school tactics - harass them until they leave. But if they won't then they can resort to this tactic as reported by Amy Zimmer at DNAInfo:
How some NYC  principals use 'Limited Access Letters' to ban activist Parents from their kids’ schools

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  1. Seems like Farina and her "henchmen/women" have no fear of running roughshod over teachers and/or parents who they view with contempt or disdain. They get away with it every day. Meanwhile the union deducts our dues from our paychecks religiously. Oh our poor toothless UFT. Remember the days when UFT meant backbone and real representation?


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