Monday, November 7, 2016

the Times should change its motto from “All the News That’s Fit to Print” to “We Shill for Charter Schools" - Alan Singer

In an opinion essay on Sunday, New York Times columnist David Leonhardt continued the newspaper’s campaign “shilling“ for charter schools. Leonhardt, is certainly not an expert on public education. As a boy he attended the prestigious and expensive Horace Mann School in Riverdale, New York and then went to Yale. The article, which pretended to be a scientific report based on the latest data, was bad reporting and an embarrassment for both the author and the newspaper. Unfortunately, the Times, which is constantly shilling for charter schools, does not seem to care.... Alan Singer

Good piece taking Leonhardt apart --  HuffPo-

Read as an adjunct to my post yesterday -

Astroturf Hedge Hogs Toss $$$$ into Massachusetts Charter School Expansion Ballot Issue

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  1. How is it that these so called "charter" schools argue that their schools are a better option for students when the majority of their teaching staff probably 95-99 percent of them are 1 or two year experienced teachers. These one or two year bozos then leave the job after realizing that they are being used as guinea pigs with a small salary and not much of anything else.....In contrast our public schools have the finest educators this country has to offer!! Think about it where are most of our most experienced and best teachers located in our country?? They are all in public schools!!!! So why would any parent want to sent their kid to a school knowing that their teacher is a one or two year newbie who probably had or has NO mentor and is just thrown into a classroom right out of teaching school?? Its called smoke and mirrors and more likely money. Remember, just follow the money honey and you can unravel the truth.


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