Sunday, April 2, 2017

Beware Obama Admin Neo-Libs Running for Office

After his time with Obama, Gupta, 33, set up a network of charter schools in the southern US. 
I gagged when I read this story: Former Obama staffers run for office to protect the progressive policies they built

Ravi Gupta worked as an assistant to David Axelrod during the 2008 election.

You set up charter schools, you don't get the support from defenders of public education.

Gupta was the center of a piece in Campbell Brown's The 74 front journalism: 74 Interview: RePublic Schools’ Ravi Gupta on the Next Frontier of the Education Reform Wars
.@RaviMGupta returns to NYC, reflects on how charter schools will win broader support

.@RaviMGupta: next frontier in reform wars, charter schools serving middle- and upper-class
Nice Ravi -- you guys helped undermine inner city schools, now go after the suburbs.
RePublic also has faced scrutiny from charter school critics on the Metro school board. And in January a group of Nashville parents filed a class-action lawsuit that accused the charter group of violating the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act by sending text messages through a commercial auto-dialing service without their consent, a claim RePublic officials denied.
So Ravi is back here in NYC pushing the line that the Dems must organize to stand against Trump.
“I left that room and started calling Obama colleagues: ‘What are we going to do right now? Not for midterms, not 2020, now’,” Gupta said.
Gupta, with the help of several Obama mates, launched The Arena, an organization that holds summits across the country to teach progressive candidates how to run for office - how to raise money, how to launch social media campaigns. At their first event in Nashville last November, 400 attendees turned up and 150 pledged to run for office in the next five years.
 Message to Ravi Gupta -- neo-lib charter supporters are not progressives.

Ravi Gupta and the center right neo-libs in the Dem party are trying to ice out the Bernie wing. The time may come when there is no choice but to split because 2020 will be the same old thing and charter support is the type of wedge that splits the party -- I mean they might as well join DeVos because the ultimate outcome between Obamaites and DeVos is the end of public education.


  1. Include Andrew Cuomo and Cory Booker in that crowd

  2. Charter schools are hitting the burbs in Jersey as reported by Jersey Jazzman. I am delighted. It is high time for people of privilege to eat some delicacies usually dished up for urban consumption.

    Abigail Shure

  3. Yep, even Schumer is hanging onto the bandwagon: with -

    RSVP: Ready to Resist call Sunday with Heather McGhee & Senator Schumer!

  4. Damn right, Obama's legacy needs to be defended. After all, he

    - jailed criminal banksters and allowed foreclosed people to keep their homes.
    - withdrew all US troops from Afghanistan and reduced our military footprint in the Middle East.
    - made college affordable for working people.
    - defended public education from a hostile takeover by corporate scam artists.
    - signed card-check legislation to help unions.
    - fought for Single Payer health insurance.
    - ended militarized law enforcement.
    - enacted far-reaching consumer/citizen privacy legislation.
    - Etc.

    Oh, wait...


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