Sunday, April 16, 2017

Fly NYCDOE United Airlines: How Many Chancellor's Regs Did Garg Violate?

Is the DOE our own version of United Airlines? A teacher sneezes the wrong way and - boom - 3020a. I got some hints at the possible charges against CPE1 chapter leader and they are laughable. In the meantime, below is a list of regs principal Monika Garg has violated. The list was turned over to the chancellor's cabinet in a meeting with some parents and teachers last Friday - CPE 1 Parents Meet With DOE Officials at Tweed. 

At the meeting the parents repeatedly asked for even one reason Garg should be principal and there was no response.

Summary of Violated Chancellor’s Regulations

A-832, Section II on Reporting Procedures: Subsections A, E
A-832, Section III on Investigations: Subsections A, B, C, D, E
A-832, Section IV on Follow Up Action: Subsections B, D
A-832, Section V on Notification: Subsections A, B, C, D, E
A-832, Section VI, Consolidated Youth and Development Plan: Subsections 1-4
A-832, Section VIII on Retaliation
A-831, Section II on Reporting Procedures: Subsections A, D, G
A-831, Section III on Investigation: Subsections A, C, D, E
A-831, Section IV on Follow Up Action: Subsection D
A-831, Section V on Notification: Subsections A, B, C
A-831, Section VI, Consolidated Youth and Development Plan: Subsections A, B
A-755 on Suicide Prevention
A-101, Admissions, Re-Admissions, Transfers and List Notices for All Students
C-30, Section IX, Subsection A, B on Recruitment
C-30, Section XI, Subsection D on Selection Process
C-30, Section XII on Interim Acting Assignments
C-30, Section XIII, Subsection G on General Procedures
A-655, Section II, Subsections A (1,2)
A-655, Section X, Subsection B
C-33 on Removal and Transfer of Principals for Persistent Educational Failure

In addition to the above-named violations of the Chancellor’s Regulations, Garg’s actions have been in violation of the NYS Taylor Law and the UFT contract. There are multiple grounds that parents and teachers have for lawsuits, contractual grievance and civil rights complaints as a result of her actions. Several complaints have been filed and not satisfactorily resolved. Parents are prepared to take more significant action through higher channels if they cannot get a resolution to these serious, persistent issues - several of which are endangering the safety and well-being of their children.

There are several areas we would like to draw your attention to:
The Alarming Rise in Problems of Bullying, Safety and Harassment and the Failure to Address Them. At an SLT meeting on 4/6/17, Garg stated that CPE1 does not have a bullying problem. In fact, the documentation contained here (which we believe is the tip of the iceberg) shows precisely the opposite. There has been a developing problem over the course of the last year. Garg has chosen to act as a gatekeeper for complaints, has failed to respond to family requests for help and has minimized, if not outright denied, the scale of the problem. She has failed to put in place basic requirements of the “Respect for All” program.

The Obvious Pattern of Retaliation Against Teachers Who Exercise Their Free Speech and Union Rights. When the entire timeline of investigations of teachers and disciplinary actions is laid out, the pattern of retaliation becomes clear. When teachers speak out, they are investigated or disciplined. If they fail to participate in her campaign against other teachers, they are punished. This has created an atmosphere not only of fear, but also of suspicion between staff. The costly investigation and hearings of two teachers, who are also union leaders, has had a significant and damaging impact on children. It has placed a strain on the educational functioning of the school. It has led to a decline in educational performance. And it has exposed the DOE to PERB lawsuits by injured teachers and conflict with the UFT.

Monika Garg Has Failed to Provide Educational Leadership by the DOE’s Own Standards. Whether you choose to measure by the school surveys, test scores, a smoothly functioning school, a safe learning environment, appropriate staff development, administrative competence, compliance with regulations, or any other measure, Garg has failed to provide leadership.

There Has Been a Complete Breakdown of Trust.

Parents Have Shown A High Level of Determination to Resolve the Situation. A Strong Majority Favors Her Removal - For a Second Year in a Row. Garg likes to claim that those asking for her removal are a minority and are not representative. This is simply not true. Last year we provided the names of all the current families who had signed the petition - numbering 65% (with several more signing this year, that number is now 70%). This year, around 60% of families - including many families who are new this year - have signed the statement of no confidence. The fact that new families are signing, and continue to sign, the statement of no confidence shows that the dissatisfaction is not contained in a single year but is a persistent problem that will continue to develop over time.

Monika Garg is an untenured, second-year principal with no experience in progressive education. She does not need to be at Central Park East 1 and she is not qualified to be there. She has violated multiple Chancellor’s Regulations and she has failed to meet the DOE’s own performance standards. She has overseen a deterioration of our school and she has cost the Department considerable time, money and political exposure. There is no reason that she should not be removed. You have an opportunity to take decisive action and to begin the process of re-establishing CPE1 as a successful, respected school in District 4. We urge you to show leadership, take that opportunity and stem this deepening crisis.

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