Thursday, August 10, 2017

MORE, New Action, UFT Team Up to Back Charter-Spectrum IBEW Strikers

Give James Eterno a lot of credit. He has his eye on the labor union ball - even when it is not the UFT. He brought the strike against the swine at Spectrum to our notice the on the the ICE(caucus) blog.
He contacted Mike Schirtzer with a suggested resolution of support by the UFT. Mike shared it with Jonathan Halabi (New Action) and he made some revisions. The reso was then sent by Mike to Leroy Barr who said he would pass it on to the Executive Board for an email vote -- it passed. 

Read it at the ICEUFT Blog 
Now I will not claim that cooperation with the UFT leadership is an earth shaking event but making our enormous membership aware and causing our people and their families to make the point to the Spectrum sales force that they will not use them (they are the former Time-Warner- and note stories that they are cutting back on NY1) -- it might have some effect.

Of course, ideal would be to find a picket line and show support.

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