Monday, December 3, 2018

UFT Contract Vote: Comparing 2014 and 2018

Someone in MORE put this together. Do your own interpretation of the data. In 2018 More people voted yes. Less people voted. Note the total number drop in NO votes by teachers from 16k+ to 8k+.
I was speaking to a band member last night at the cast party at the RTC and he is a MS science teacher -- looked to be around 30. Non-political in terms of UFT. Not unhappy with school or principal. While recognizing the pay compared to inflation issue, he said the key to him was the less observations and he supported the contract as moving in the right direction. He didn't talk about health care.


  1. That teacher and many others were concerned with getting two observations that they should have received without a contract negotiation as per NYS. These teachers are only thinking about today because it’s now a temp job. Health care will eventually become a major expense for working and retired teachers. This is just another example of why the DOE wants these disposable teachers and UFT gets away with these type of ‘difficult’ negotiations.

  2. Once more our UFT agreed to have ATRs observed in classes out of license, and with students they met for the first time. The observation process is set up in a an arbitrary and capricious way to target ATRs. This is how they pay you back after many years of service while they continue to hire young teachers, and some of them uncertified or less qualified. Does it sound like systemic age discrimination or not?


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