Tuesday, March 17, 2020

If you get sick, you still get paid!! -- Shan for Congress Vs Gregory Meeks -


As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to spread, our campaign will be an entirely digital one. 

So, over the next few days, I will be discussing how the Coronavirus outbreak impacts working people, and highlights the need for structural change in our society. We will discuss a different issue and solution each day. I want everyone to be made aware of how this situation is impacting folks, but also provide hope that with the right

We are facing a rapidly expanding global pandemic. The times ahead will be difficult, but we will get through this. Engaging in CDC recommended practices like social distancing will help to flatten the curve and prevent the overwhelming of our healthcare system so that everyone who needs care, gets care. 

Even as we take steps to protect ourselves and others from the spread of COVID-19, the impacts are huge. Millions of people are already struggling in the wake of this unprecedented situation. 

As self quarantining and social distancing become more common, people are facing difficult realities. One of the many issues that millions are facing right now is whether or not they can continue to provide for their families. In the United States Federally protected paid sick leave does not exist. Employers are not required to provide paid sick leave, so millions of people are left worrying about putting food on the table in times of medical distress.

This has been the reality for my own family, as my Dad struggles with chronic illness. For years, he belonged to a union (Local 54 Atlantic City) that ensured our family was taken care of when Dad counldn't work. However, now he works as a
driver for a ride sharing service, that does not
provide any sort of support, sick leave or healthcare whatsoever. As him and my Mom struggle to raise my younger siblings, my Dad is forced to work through intense pain and suffer at the hands of corporations without a single thought for human compassion or dignity. Unfortunately, he is not alone. This has been the reality for millions of Americans long before the Coronavirus outbreak. 

While the outbreak has forced millions of people

to work from home, take sick days or in the

worst cases be hospitalized, some companies

have stepped up and provided sick leave to staff,

but others have done the bare minimum.

Regardless, you should not have to depend on 

your employer to do the right thing, or not. You

shouldn't have to worry now, or ever! We need to

have Federally mandated paid sick leave that

supports the most vulnerable among us for

365 days. Costs should be split between Federal

and state governments, as well as companies. 

With Fedrally mandated sick leave,  millions of us

will no longer have to live in fear. 

This is not just what we need now, as we face a

pandemic, but what we have always needed. It is

time that we treat people with dignity and

humanity. No one should have to worry about

being able to feed their children if they get sick.

No one should have to work while enduring pain

and chronic illness. Not now, not ever!

These are not radical policies, or even

Democratic policies. These are policies of

compassion, policies that come out of caring

for people and extending a helping hand in

their time of most need. 

I am Shaniyat Chowdhury, running for New

York's 5th Congressional District, and I support

fully compensated 365 day paid sick leave!

Thank you,

Shaniyat Chowdhury

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  1. While this "pandemic" was emerging, the nation was absorbed with impeaching Trump. His press conference today was impressive. Money, and help, for all. He's done an FDR. Outflanked the left.

  2. I just love those quotes around pandemic. Don't you know your leader has actually referred to it that way? Can't believe you took your eyes off FOX News.


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